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Hail to our Co-Heads of School

As classes end this week and we approach graduation on Friday, it is time to thank our student leaders for all their efforts this year. Student Co-Heads of School, Sophie Browning and Owen Sughrue have watched over our community all year, helping us to keep things light with their humor, urging us to try new things with Sophie’s famous phrase, “Why Not?”, and reminding us to be kind and respectful to each other. They have encouraged many talented performers to brave the stage at all school, helping us to better know each other and enjoy the many talents within our community. Their leadership has been a highlight of the year; theirs will be big shoes to fill.
Taking their place at the podium in Chapel and All School as our new student Co-Heads of School are Jack LeBrun and Fiona Moore. Jack and Fiona came through an arduous selection process where they first expressed their interest in the job through application and subsequent interviews with the Deans, even before bringing their campaign to the student body. After several speeches, open forums, and two elections, the broad field of candidates was narrowed down to two girls and two boys, and then at last to Jack and Fiona. It is a major undertaking designed to ensure that the leaders selected truly are up to the task. Jack and Fiona most definitely are. “I am so excited for what Jack and I will accomplish as Co-Heads of School, and I am thrilled to represent our student body. I can't wait to see what each and every member of our community brings to the table next year, and am looking forward to the adventure that it will bring,” shared Fiona.
From student government leaders to club and student activity leaders to dorms proctors, service leaders, and team captains, there are many students serving the student body in various ways each and every day. The position of Co-Heads of School is one that tries to keep all these leaders moving in the same direction to create a positive atmosphere on campus and a strong sense of community. They help bring student voice into administrative decisions, seek feedback from their peers, and keep their focus on the larger community and cultural aspects of our lives together. As Owen said, “Tabor is a special place made up of special people. As a Co-Head of School, I tried to emulate many of the role models around me. I'm surrounded by so many kind, genuine people who make Tabor the incredible place that it is. It has been such a treat for Sophie and me to try to be representatives of the Tabor student body. I'm so grateful for the people around me who have helped to make the job of the Head of School run smoothly and who served as those role models for me. I know that moving forward Tabor will continue to be a caring, compassionate community.”
As Jack and Fiona take on the mantle of leadership, it seems clear they have a good sense of where to steer the ship next year. As Jack said, “Here at Tabor, it doesn't matter whether you are an athlete, an artist, or a scholar, what matters most is that you are a Seawolf. In the year ahead, I know Fiona and I will continue to build upon Sophie and Owens leadership to create the most inclusive and positive environment possible.” We wish them well in this charge and thank them for their willingness to serve our community.
As 2019 comes to a close, and as each class moves up a rung on the ladder into more responsibility, we are already looking forward to the many contributions our students will share with each other and our community. Many thanks, in advance, to all our student leaders across campus who will help to channel the incredible talent and energy of Tabor Academy toward another fantastic year in 2020.

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