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The Tabor Academy Art Festival (TAAF)

As the main project of a student-run club called The Art Executives, the Tabor Academy Art Festival is coming together nicely. The festival is meant to promote the arts at Tabor, providing a platform for artists to communicate. The festival coincides with SpringFest.
This is the second annual art fest, and this year’s theme is “Out of Place.” The club put out a call for submissions in mid-April and will be curating the show next week. To entice Tabor artists, the group decided to give awards for work that best fits the theme. The Best Work of the Show winner will receive public exposure with their work on display in the Acky poster frames, as well as on Tabor’s social media. Other rewards will be given for artists who put in the effort to participate in the show, such as an Art Fest t-shirt. There may also be a silent auction of work if students decide to sell their work.
The goal of The Art Executives is to provide some motivation for people who are good at art to create something new for the show, while also encouraging those who are less experienced to give art a try. The Art Festival will be set up in Hoyt during Spring Fest, and organizers hope to attract students to the exhibits after they visit the food trucks in the Hoyt parking log. There will be other interactive activities to enjoy such as origami and finger painting.
The Art Executives Club is dedicated to raising public awareness of and interest in art here at Tabor Academy. William Wu ’20 says, “We believe that doing art – visual or performing – can help build many skills that are important in other fields. Take creativity, one of the most critical skills associated with art, as an example. Contrary to common belief, creativity does not randomly appear but comes with effort. By exploring more ideas and trying out more things, one can make some new connections not noticed before – commonly called inspiration.  As you get more and more familiar with this practice of exploring new ideas through doing art, you can apply this to other fields that require perseverance and problem-solving skill, which is nearly all fields. Not to mention the many other things that come with doing art – observation, joy, motivation, etc. Therefore, because we believe everyone benefits from doing art, we are trying to encourage people to start exploring art.”
For now, The Art Executives has their hands full with the Arts Festival, but they are already considering other ways to promote the arts next year through discussion groups, small creativity exercises, or hosting other smaller art-related activities throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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  • Sarasota, FL Reception

    Please join John Quirk, Head of School
    and hosts
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Pokoik '63 GP '23
    for a cruising reception aboard the
    Marina Jack II
    2 Marina Plaza
    2:00pm. - 4:00pm
    (boarding promptly at 1:45pm) 
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  • #Tabor Time: Tabor Academy's 3rd annual Day of Giving!

    Tabor Academy’s 3rd annual Day of Giving!
    On February 25, 2020 we have 1,876 minutes to reach our goal of 1,000 donors & have an impact on Tabor students.

    To be 1 in 1,000:
    •Make a gift!
    •Follow #TaborTime on Social Media
    •Show your Tabor Pride
    •Challenge your classmates
    •Celebrate your time at Tabor
    •Have an immediate impact on Tabor’s students & faculty
  • Bermuda Reception

    Join us for a reception at 
    Gosling's Wine Cellar
    5:30pm - 7:30pm
    hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gosling P '06
    9 Dundonald Street

    The Tabor sailing team is headed to Bermuda for spring training! Coach Robert Hurd and members of Tabor’s sailing team will be on hand to  provide a brief update on the program.

    We are delighted to say that retired faculty member Merry Conway will be attending, as well!
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