Winter Sports Awards & Honors

On March 28, Tabor’s winter coaches and athletes gathered together to celebrate a wonderful season and recognize special effort. After a great dinner, the varsity coaches shared highlights and announced team awards.
The Seawolves excelled at all levels and the upcoming talent, spirit and sportsmanship of our many sub-varsity teams was celebrated. There were many highlights this winter from girls’ hockey winning the Patsy K. Odden Holiday Tournament, to boys’ hockey claiming the fourth consecutive Travis Roy Cup, to girls’ varsity basketball earning a second ISL championship and wrestling winning the ISL sportsmanship award for the second year. Basketball, Hockey, Squash, and Wrestling each enjoyed very competitive ISL and NEPSAC seasons, making it a very exciting winter in the Fish Center.
Notable individual achievements were found in girls’ basketball with Nirel Lougbo earning ISL MVP as well as Boston Herald and Boston Globe All-Scholastic honors and All-NEPSAC First Team; Alex Giannaros and Nicole Gallagher also secured All-NEPSAC First Team honors. Wrestler Shaymus MacIntosh and girls’ hockey players Anne Berry and Julia Shaunessy rose to the All-NEPSAC First Team. In boys’ squash, Co- Captain Aly Hussein retained his rank as the #1 undefeated player in NE while earning ALL-NEPSAC Player of the Year, All-NEPSAC First Team, and Boston Globe All-Scholastic. Co-Captain Owen Sughrue earned an individual ISL Sportsmanship Award for his participation on the team, an important value for Tabor Athletics.
Notably, there were numerous All-ISL League Honors, NEPSAC All-League Honors in all sports, and honorable mentions to celebrate. As these ISL and NEPSAC honors are earned by votes from opposing coaches they are all the more special to our coaches and players. With plenty of stories, tall tales, laughter, and pride, it was a terrific night to be a Seawolf!


-ISL All-League Players - CJ Redd, Connor Peterson, Kam Farris
-Boys’ Thirds Basketball M.I.P. - Mu “Michael” Chen    
-Boys’ J.V. Basketball M.I.P. - TK Roussel    
-The Markham Award – (The Coach’s Trophy) - CJ Redd
-The Richard Roller Award – For the Most Improved - Tyler Murray
-The 1950 Trophy – Given “for outstanding achievement and leadership which will serve to inspire and promote the highest standards of sportsmanship and team play in Tabor basketball. - Connor Peterson
-ISL All-League Players - Faye Parker, Kylie Swider, Nirel Lougbo, Nicole Gallagher, Olivia Pachla, Alex Giannaros
-ISL MVP - Nirel Lougbo
-All NEPSAC First Team - Alex Giannaros, Nicole Gallagher, Nirel Lougbo
-Boston Herald and Boston Globe All-Scholastic - Nirel Lougbo
-Most Valuable Player - Girls’ Varsity Basketball - Nirel Lougbo, Nicole Gallagher
-Most Improved Player - Girls’ Varsity Basketball - Cassidy Yeomans
-The Joan V. Roller Award - Given for unselfish commitment and outstanding contribution to Tabor’s girls’ varsity basketball program - Faye Parker, Olivia Pachla
-Girls’ J.V Basketball  M.I.P. - Riley Mutton
-Girls J.V. Basketball Coaches Award - Phoebe Dias, Gabby Barresi, Sam Cohen, Grace Ryan, Andria Warren
-Girls’ Thirds Basketball Coaches Award - Grace Murphy
-ISL All-League Players - Tyler Harvey, Connor Tobin, Morgan Winters
-ISL Honorable Mention - Owen Rudicus, Jake Cady, Kyle Myer
-Varsity Coaches Awards - Owen Rudicus, Connor Guyette
-The Clayton E. Keith Award – Given for dedication to Tabor and to the Varsity team. - Tyler Harvey                                                                            
-The Lucien O. Lavoie Trophy – Given to the most improved Varsity player. - Alex Bower
-Boys J.V Hockey Coaches Award - Steve Guo
-Boys J.V Hockey Most Improved Player Award - Alex Morey
-ISL All-League Players - Anne Berry, Julia Shaunessy, Skylar Irving, Abby Newhook
-ISL Honorable Mention - Cindy Giandomenico
-All NEPSAC First Team - Anne Berry, Julia Shaunessy
-All NEPSAC Honorable Mention - Skylar Irving
-Most Valuable Player – Girls’ Varsity Hockey - Anne Berry
-Most Improved Player – Girls’ Varsity Hockey - Maeve Kelleher
-The Founders Award – Awarded to that member of the Hockey team whose dedicated spirit reflects the courage and commitment of those who established the program and to recognize that the vision of Richard T. Marr, the players and the parents of the first team endures. - Madeleine Mahoney
-Girls’ J.V. Hockey  M.I.P. - Emma Holloway
-ISL All-League Players:  Aly Hussein, Omar Kiwan
-Boston Globe All-Scholastic Player: Aly Hussein
-ISL Individual Sportsmanship Award: Owen Sughrue
-All NEPSAC First Team: Aly Hussein
-All NEPSAC Honorable Mention - Omar Kiwan
-All-NEPSAC Player of the year - Aly Hussein
-The Alban Barker Award – Given for outstanding ability and contribution to Tabor Varsity squash. (M.V.P.) - Aly Hussein
-Most Improved Player – Boys’ Varsity Squash - Owen Sughrue  
-Boys’ J.V. Squash  M.I.P. - Jerry Wei
-Thirds Squash M.I.P - Peter Yuen
-ISL Honorable Mention - Sabrina Harden
-Most Improved Player – Girls’ Varsity Squash - Anne le Gassick
-Most Valuable Player – Girls’ Varsity Squash - Tanya Mendoza
-Girls’ J.V. Squash M.I.P. - Maddy Decarolis
-Thirds Squash M.I.P - Jordyn Smith
-ISL All-League Players - Shaymus MacIntosh
-All NEPSAC First Team - Shaymus MacIntosh
-The Richard S. Wickenden Trophy – Awarded for outstanding sportsmanship. - Roberta Fisher                                   
-The John “Cyclone Burns” Carlson Trophy – Given for outstanding wrestling ability and performance - Shaymus MacIntosh                                            
-The Bidstrup Award – Given annually to the Tabor wrestler whose commitment to excellence, hard work, positive attitude, and sportsmanship deserve special recognition. - Justin Pernell
-Wrestling M.I.P. – Brendan McIntire
-The Parks Reserve Award – Given for spirit, ability, and encouraging wrestling (J.V. Team).  - Dylan Jones

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