Pride Week Sparks Conversation

This week is Pride Week at Tabor, culminating in the National Day of Silence on Friday. We are excited about new programming being offered, as well as the increased solidarity we hope to feel given since we are celebrating our Day of Silence on the actual National Day of Silence for the first time in years.
Pride Week has been celebrated actively at Tabor through various annual activities over the course of a week in April. This year, the program has changed a bit, going beyond the important gestures such as wearing ribbons and making posters, to more active dialogue among peers.
The student organizers have worked with the office of equity and inclusion to create three evenings of discussion events on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  Two back to back discussions are featured each night.  Friday, silence ensues; highlighting the stifling feeling many of our LGBT friends experience in their day to day lives each and every day.
The program began on Monday evening with a discussion called “Basic LGBT Literacy,” followed by “History of Pride.”  On Wednesday, the IDEA Club, a new student-run club seeking to provide safe spaces to share issues around identity, will host a discussion among straight boys and after will invite the whole community into an open discussion about Tabor and the LGBT community. Finally, on Thursday, students will lead a discussion on the question: “What can you do?” with the last event being a closed discussion for only members of the LGBT community at Tabor.
The week has been organized by a committee of six students led by Leah Kleinfeld ’20 and Charlie Dineen ’19, a member of the GSA for four years and its leader over the last 3 years. Charlie shared, “I am trying to create spaces where people can have an open discussion about issues facing the LGBT community that we wouldn’t normally have in other spaces around school. Students are uncomfortable about talking about serious issues, and having space and time dedicated to having those discussions helps allow them to happen and helps LGBT students to feel heard, respected, and accepted at Tabor.”
Bert Nascimento, Co-Director of Equity and Inclusion, is proud of the organization as he has been encouraging the students to not only speak about what they are passionate about, but to go after programming to create the change they are seeking. “This program will help to build empathy and connection among peers who do not identify as LGBT, as well as start what we hope will be an ongoing affinity group for the LGBT community at Tabor. With every discussion and program, we hope to build understanding and peer support, encouraging people to listen in order to learn about others,” says Nascimento. “This program embodies everything we have been working toward this year: building skills in listening and speaking with honesty and empathy and fostering student leadership and peer support.”

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