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Chinese Students Continue Exchange

This is the 6th year of our successful partnership with RDFZ Xishan School in Beijing, China. On Sunday, 7 students and 1 faculty are arriving to share a week in our classrooms. They will be living in homestays with generous day families for much of the week, and then coming to experience dorm life starting on Friday and extending through the weekend.
The students from RDFZ all speak English fluently, so it is a great chance for our students to learn more about school, life, and culture in China. The RDFZ students will be eager to connect to learn the same from their American peers. For some, this will be their first trip to America, a place most all aspire to attend college. The group will enjoy some downtime in the afternoons engaged in some local sightseeing to augment their trip to the U.S.
The RDFZ/Tabor partnership has deepened this year as we have added more dimension to the exchange. In the fall, we shared art work between schools with a few students from each school exhibiting at the other. Also, we each exchanged one student for the first trimester. Amber Harris ’20 attended RDFZ in the fall until Thanksgiving, while Ricky Ren came to Tabor for that time.  This was a successful endeavor, opening the door to future long-term exchanges.
Amber attended the spring RDFZ trip Tabor has sponsored over spring break twice before she asked to do a longer-term exchange, paving the way for others. She so enjoyed the school and her friends there, and fell in love with China. It is was a big change going from 4 blocks a day to 9, but somehow she managed the academics and the social life with aplomb. What a great opportunity for global learning for our American students to be able to attend school abroad for a couple of months after getting a flavor for it.
The partnership is a great one for us as RDFZ is an AP curriculum, English-speaking school. The students there are Chinese and speak Chinese socially, while their AP classes are in English. These exchanges allow our students a fantastic chance to keep up with their studies while exploring a new place and experiencing a new culture and family life within their homestay. They can practice Chinese, as well as express themselves in a common English language, facilitating friendships as well.
All and all, our partnership with RDFZ has been fantastic and we look forward to the ways we can further our goals for global citizenship together with our friends from RDFZ.
Welcome all!

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  • Mums of Alums Luncheon

    Join us to visit with old friends and hear about our favorite Tabor alums! Luncheon takes place at the Somerset Club in Boston from Noon to 2:00 PM.

    Somerset Club 42 Beacon Street Boston, MA
  • Freshman Class Parent Reception & Dinner

    Reception and Dinner for Parents of the Class of 2023 with Head of School John Quirk.

    Lillard Living room
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  • Late Start for Students Today (10:15 - 4:45)

    Students will have a sleep in while the faculty meets this morning.  Day students are welcome to come at the usual time for breakfast, if they want. Classes will meet through the afternoon and there will be no co-curricular activities.

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  • Sarasota, FL Reception

    Please join John Quirk, Head of School
    and hosts
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Pokoik '63 GP '23
    for a cruising reception aboard the
    Marina Jack II
    2 Marina Plaza
    2:00pm. - 4:00pm
    (boarding promptly at 1:45pm) 
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  • #Tabor Time: Tabor Academy's 3rd annual Day of Giving!

    Tabor Academy’s 3rd annual Day of Giving!
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  • Bermuda Reception

    Join us for a reception at 
    Gosling's Wine Cellar
    5:30pm - 7:30pm
    hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gosling P '06
    9 Dundonald Street

    The Tabor sailing team is headed to Bermuda for spring training! Coach Robert Hurd and members of Tabor’s sailing team will be on hand to  provide a brief update on the program.

    We are delighted to say that retired faculty member Merry Conway will be attending, as well!
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