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Join us for some #TaborTime

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, we kick off #TaborTime!
This is the second year we are holding this event, which spans 1876 minutes (to coincide with our founding year), to focus on celebrating Tabor and encouraging people far and wide to make a participatory gift in support of our school. The theme of TaborTime allows us to enjoy memories from alumni and past parents from “Your Time,” celebrate the accomplishments of our students and faculty today, “Their Time,” and finally celebrate our fondness and appreciation for our school: “Our Time!”
Last year, for our first effort, we set a goal of 300 donors, not sure if our message would be received before time ran out. Thanks to some great planning from our volunteers, and a fun carpool karaoke featuring current and retired faculty members that was shared widely on social media, we reached our goal by 10:00AM!  At that point we just wondered how far we could go. Prompting our audience to see how far they wanted to take this was rewarding as we watched the giving page report the numbers of participants and dollars raised in real-time. When the bell rang, we had reached 863 donors!! People from all around the world, all ages and affiliations helped out. People created challenges, cajoled and celebrated each other, and shared stories as they reconnected online on behalf of Tabor.
We didn’t have a dollar goal, but we were energized by a former trustee who was so pleased about the idea that he contributed $35,000! In the end, over $205,000 was raised overall! Not bad for a day’s work!
This year, our goal is 1000 donors. The number seemed like the next best milestone given the wide support we received last year. Mainly, we hope to have some fun together remembering the people and the place, and what Tabor means to each of us. We hope you’ll join in.
Please join us February 26 and 27 (by 2:15PM) for #TaborTime!  It is 1876 minutes of fun on social media….follow us and get in on the fun!

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    Questions may be directed to Christian Garris ’05, Associate Director of Admissions & Multicultural Outreach, or to Liz Cheney, Office of Parent Engagement,
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