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Dorm Traditions Live On

With 17 dormitories on Tabor’s campus, it is to be expected that a few traditions have been created over the years. These traditions are an important and unique part of every boarding student’s experience, building connection to their dormmates and dorm parents. From baking for check in to evening star gazing, each dorm is known for something.
Lillard Girls have a tradition known as the “Let’s Talk Jar.” Dorm parent Rebecca Parente developed the idea as a great way to facilitate anonymous conversations about current issues or to help address any rising questions a student may have. The conversations and questions can range from, “It’s January and I still don’t know where the laundry room is” to topics regarding romantic relationships, friendships, and much more. There is a talking stick (the TV remote) that helps ensure that the person who is talking or responding is the only person being listened to at that time. The girls in the dorm love it, in fact, proctor Maddy Mahoney ’19 says that she enjoys the opportunity to respond to certain questions or concerns that she may have had as a young boarding student, rising to the opportunity to assist and mentor in any way possible.
Another awesome tradition exists in West House. Dorm parent Eric Long has created this tradition every night he is on duty, and the boys absolutely love it. Every Tuesday night after study hall, the entire dorm heads over to the Fish Center to play “Tuesday Night Hoops.” This is a fun way to let off some steam after a quiet two hours of homework. Ayi Dolby ’19, a West House resident, loves Tuesday Night Hoops as “it brings the upper and lower classmen together.”
Spring Street girls’ dormitory is known for a more seasonal tradition, but one that raises the spirit of everyone on campus. Every holiday season, they stroll through campus singing popular holiday carols. When other dorms hear them, they typically join the singing. They have been known to enjoy an evening story time, as well.
The list goes on and on with dorms coming together in special ways, inspiring connection and friendship. Our traditions help develop the special bond our students share with each other, but they also show the positive energy our dorm parents bring to their work to connect with the students and create not just a safe dorm, but a home away from home.
Whichever dorm they lived in, when today’s students graduate and eventually return for a reunion, they will enjoy special memories and the satisfaction that the traditions that made a significant impact on their high school boarding experience still exist and live on. 

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  • Summer Gatherings for New Families - Marion, MA

    This summer three tabor families are hosting new family gatherings. New students and their families are invited to Pick A Party and get to know other new Tabor families. It is a great way to start off the school year with a few familiar faces.
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    New International Students will be arriving throughout the day from 10:00 AM on. There is a meeting for new international students and their parents at 4:00 PM where they will meet advisors and dinner will follow at 5:45 PM.  Orientation will continue through Tuesday, September 3, when the new international students will join with new and returning American students. Classes begin on September 4.
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  • Tabor at Tia's

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at Tia's again this year!
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    A day for alumni and parents to come back to Tabor to learn more about volunteering for our great school, and/or to cheer on the Seawolves during their afternoon contests. See the schedule of games here.  We are still in the planning stages of this annual fall tradition and hope you will make plans to join us for a fun fall weekend at Tabor.
  • Fall Family Weekend

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