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A New Mobile Media Lab

The Academic Technology department recently purchased professional level film and digital recording equipment, offering students and faculty another avenue to create media-rich content that is of high quality and full of possibility!  
Lianne Petrocelli, Academic Technology Specialist,Allowing our students to explore the creative process of creating digital content is essential to developing 21st-century communication skills, digital literacy skills, and global competencies. The ways in which our world communicates is changing at a rapid pace. Our students need to increasingly be aware of how media influences them as consumers, but they also need to learn how to be conscientious, empathetic, and creative media influencers. Providing opportunities for our students to explore the guts of creating media cultivates an expanded understanding of how and why messages are constructed in certain ways. This further enables them to analyze and respond to verbal and visual influence rather than just being influenced.”
Petrocelli put the equipment on display, encouraging students and faculty to come in and experiment to see what each piece of equipment can do. With an easy sign-out procedure now in place, equipment can be used to produce all manner of classroom projects such as video productions, podcasts, music production, stop motion animation, time lapse, digital storytelling, Tabor live stream productions, and green screen productions.
“I am really excited to witness the ways in which the Media Lab will evolve over the course of this year and beyond. It has already been so satisfying to witness the students’ excitement for this space - seeing the smiles, hearing the laughs, and watching the creative process unfold,” said Petrocelli.

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