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Athletes of the Week - Dec. 10-16

Girls’ Varsity Squash: Sabrina Harden  
Co-captain Sabrina Harden did not earn her spot at #1 on the Girls’ Varsity Squash ladder by accident. She earned it by playing all fall after school and attending the Egypt squash trip over Thanksgiving break. Sabrina has gone four wins and two losses this season and on average she gives up a mere four points to those who play her. If you have never watched a 3.5 US Squash ranked player, come and see how Sabrina dissects her opponents with length and drop shots. In practice, she leads by example during conditioning and footwork. She is humble as she plays with teammates in order to make them better. Sabrina is instrumental to Tabor’s success this year because she knows that “champions are made in practice” where her mindset transfers to hitting good strokes in her competitive matches.
Boys’ JV Squash: Henry Worden
Henry has worked his ways up the squash ladder over the past two years thanks to his internal drive and intensity. In the fall, he invested time and energy into improving his basic drives and honing his wrist position. His progress has been significant. He has earned the top spot on the ladder through hard work.
Girls’ Varsity Basketball: Nicole Gallagher
Great players don’t just play great, they elevate the effort and play of their teammates. Nicole does that for us.  She practices at game speed every day and by doing so forces everyone to play to their potential all the time.  During games she quarterbacks our press on defense and looks continually to create shots for her teammates on offense.  She combines effort, skill, and determination at the highest level, and that is very rare.  She has made herself into a scholarship athlete and is daily helping to do the same for her teammates.

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