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Every six weeks or so, if there aren’t any real sickies staying overnight in the Health Center, the team puts to good use the full kitchen there to invite a small group of about 12 students over for dinner. Everyone agrees it is a fun way to change things up a bit and make a new friend while learning something new. Nurses Liz West and Meagan Bowcock, the organizers of the dinners, shared happily that the spots go fast!
The nurses typically plan the menu, shop and prep, allowing the group to do some of the cooking together, which allows them to share some information about healthy cooking. There have been taco nights, breakfast for dinner nights, and just last week: Poke Bowls! Everyone agrees it is a fun way to change things up a bit and make a new friend while learning something new.
The students had fun creating their Poke Bowls with the brightly colored vegetables and enjoying the food together. “Community is made around food, and I love this opportunity to share my love for cooking with the students,” said nurse Liz West. “Our dinners are a great way to get to know the students better; we have more time to visit.” Without overdoing it, West and Bowcock always manage to share what is healthy about the meal they are preparing.
With the popularity of the Poke Bowls, the team had an idea for the next dinner. The nurses are planning to collaborate with international students, and ask them to suggest a recipe from home they could shop for and cook together. “It would be so cool to take a cross-cultural group of students into the Asian markets in Boston to shop for a meal and then prepare it together,” said West. Exposing students to new tastes, flavors, and information about the food we eat is what it is all about: the possibilities are endless!

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