Spring Break Discovery Course

With our new partnership with Marine Biological Laboratory, Tabor students will now be able to take part in the first High School Discovery Course in Woods Hole, MA, over spring break, March 10 - 17.  This is a terrific opportunity for any student interested in Marine Science, especially at the college level.
The Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole is known worldwide as a premier research facility. Tasked with expanding programming for students in the secondary school level, MBL will work with a group of high schools including Tabor on a course they plan to offer over spring break. For a week in March, Tabor students will stay in the MBL dorms and work along professional scientists on the campus in Woods Hole. The week-long course will provide intensive, hands-on, discovery-based modules taught by MBL’s community of resident faculty and technical experts in their labs.
Some of the procedures and laboratory exercises the students will engage in at MBL include:
  • Collection, Biodiversity Assessment, and Identification
  • Biological Imaging Microscopy of Collected Species
  • In Vitro Fertilization and Injections
  • Introduction to Genome Editing and Gene Structure
  • sgRNA synthesis (PCR), DNA gels, Columns, Injections
  • Embryo Sorting Genomic DNA Isolation PCR
  • Genomic DNA Isolation from Collected Species
  • Post-PCR (Polymerase chain reaction, used to amplify a single copy of a segment of DNA) Preparing Samples for Sequencing
  • GIS (Geographic Information System) Embryo Imaging
  • Testing Cuttlefish Camouflage
  • Confocal/TEM/SEM Microscopy
  • Analyze Data and Mutants Imaging of Transgenic Frogs
  • DNA and Phylogenetic Analysis (DNA Barcoding)
  • Coastal Ecosystems Surveys
All attending students will receive a certificate of achievement detailing the experience and capability that they accomplished during the course.
We are thrilled to be able to offer this glimpse into the lives of professional scientists right in our backyard and look forward to the emerging leadership our students will no doubt take in our own labs on their return.
Photo is of a recent field trip students took to MBL in Woods Hole to learn about camouflage.

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