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Forecasters Series

Future of Real Estate

It is hard to imagine a more variable time in the real estate industry. Low housing inventory and low interest rates have made this a red-hot seller’s market. Many are wondering if we are in the midst of a bubble, and when it will burst. At the same time, in many cities, office space and hotels are experiencing record low occupancy, and many small businesses have closed due to the pandemic, causing a glut in the commercial real estate sector. Together Matthew Joblon ’99, founding partner and chief executive officer for BMC Investments, and Andrew Joblon ’02, founder and managing principal of Turnbridge Equities, have established partnerships in residential and commercial real estate ventures throughout the United States and their owned and managed assets are valued at just over $4.5 billion collectively. Whether you’re interested in real estate as a long-term wealth generator, a short-term investment, or simply want to learn more about the current state of affairs, please join Matt and Andrew for a look at the next 18 months in the commercial and residential markets.

Andrew Joblon ‘02
Founder & Managing Principal, Turnbridge Equities
Matthew Joblon ‘99
Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer, BMC Investments

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