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Forecasters Series
John Gannon ’83, Dave DeFilippo ’84, and Nicole Greene ’95

Future of Work

We all see a light at the end of the tunnel. But exactly what kind of work place might we be returning to when we are given the “all clear.” In all likelihood, office life and the way we go about our daily business will be far different in a post-COVID world. And for many of us, the business of work will not be business as usual. Will corporate culture ever be the same? Should it be? Is this the time for long-overdue innovation in the work place? Is working from home going to become regularized? Our three panelists, John Gannon ’83, Dave DeFilippo ’84, and Nicole Greene ’95 bring decades of leadership and accumulated wisdom to this presentation. Having managed, led, and trained teams in a variety of industries, their insights will prove useful to all of us, regardless of our career journey and the industry in which we reside.

Dave DeFilippo '84
Principal, DeFilippo Leadership Inc.

John Gannon '83
International IT Transformation Leader and Global Head of Employee Services Product and Strategy, AIG

Nicole Greene '95
Chief Relationship Officer, SS&C Technologies Brokerage Solutions 

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