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Forecasters Series
AJ Troiano '06 & Mark Peluso '84, Forecasters Speakers

Future of COVID-19 and the Road Ahead

Given the ever-changing nature of the coronavirus pandemic and the now very real possibility that tens of millions around the world will receive a vaccine in a matter of weeks, we are thrilled that Dr. AJ Troiano ’06, Chief Scientific Officer for Safer Behaviors, and Dr. Mark Peluso ’84, Chief Health Officer for Middlebury College, have agreed to join forces, and return to the Forecasters Series to share their latest insights and recommendations for the road ahead.

Future of COVID-19 and the Road Ahead

Dr. Troiano’s presentation will include explanations of the pertinent differences between available vaccines, the reasoning behind distribution criteria, the possibility of herd immunity, domestic and international travel considerations, and what it really means when epidemiologists insist that “some things will never be the same again.” Dr. Peluso will share his well-considered views on the future of college and university life, including lessons learned from the fall 2020 semester, changes in mitigation efforts on college campuses, classroom instruction, the spring and fall athletic seasons, and how he foresees students returning to university campuses in the fall of 2021.
Drs. Troiano and Peluso are exceptionally qualified and well-positioned to share their valuable insights and experiences with the Tabor community. We are grateful for their return to the Forecasters Series on March 10.

Dr. AJ Troiano '06
Chief Scientific Officer, Safer Behaviors
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Dr. Mark Peluso '84
Chief Health Officer, Middlebury College
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