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Forecasters Series
AJ Troiano, PhD

Future of COVID-19

Drawing upon his diverse laboratory experience as well as his work on the front lines of the Ebola pandemic in 2015-16, Dr. AJ Troiano '06 offered his insider perspective on the future of COVID-19, vaccine production, epidemiology, and how emerging infectious diseases are reshaping the world in which we live.

Future of COVID-19

In his current role, Troiano works with life science companies, public health laboratories, academic institutions, and hospitals both locally in the Greater Boston area and internationally. His scope of services encompasses biological risk mitigation, pandemic preparedness and response, clinical laboratory operations, business continuity, feasibility and risk assessments, and, most importantly, training frontline staff.

Troiano is a classically trained microbiologist and Registered Biological Safety Professional (RBP) through the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA). With experience across public health, academic, life science, and commercial industries, he uses his scientific pedigree to address complex issues surrounding emerging infectious diseases, synthetic biology, novel scientific technologies, and gene therapies. His previous titles include biomedical scientist, biosafety officer, CDC Federal Select Agent Program Responsible Official, consultant, and educator. Troiano now serves as the Chief Scientific Officer for Safer Behaviors, a behavioral-based solutions service that educates individuals and companies on the risks of infectious diseases, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Troiano holds a Bachelor of Science in microbiology and classics from the University of New Hampshire and a PhD in biomedical science from the University of Connecticut.

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