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Meet our Co-Heads of School

Liv Justice and Percy Ackerman

Meet Liv

Hi! My name is Olivia Justice, but everyone calls me "Liv." I'm a boarder from Atlanta, Georgia who is a city girl through and through. I have followed my passion for the arts, community service, and academics all the way across regions to Tabor Academy. In the fall, I have acted in the drama and written for our school newspaper, The Log. In the Winter and Spring, I am captain for the debate and dance team. I have served on TASC going ON four years as class representative. After school and co-curricular activities, I volunteer with the I Am Y.O.U organization in New Bedford and the JUNTOS program. The opportunity to explore all of these outlets have made me love being a Seawolf that much more. 
Since the moment I stepped on campus to visit the school during the application process, I have felt a sense of belonging. As Co-Head of School, I hope to help foster a welcoming environment for all students even stronger than the one I felt as a prospective student. We have all suffered in some way at the hands of COVID-19, and now that things are beginning to look promising, I want to make up for time lost. If the past year has taught me nothing, I am now more aware than ever of the importance of carpe diem. I'm excited to bring this motto and good vibes back in the fall to have the best year Tabor has seen yet!

Meet Percy

Hi, I’m Percy Ackerman. I am a “faculty brat,” so I am a day student who has lived in a Tabor dorm since 2012. My father teaches Spanish and is the varsity baseball coach and Tabor Hockey League commissioner, and my two brothers are also at Tabor. Jonas, my identical twin, is a senior and Gus is a junior. We are all very different and very close. 
At Tabor I have run cross country and played hockey, squash and baseball. I also do ceramics and spent last year on both the Student Council and the Community Life Committee, where my responsibilities ranged from playing an evil Tinky Winky at a haunted house to representing the student body in disciplinary hearings. I considered all of it a privilege and look forward to showing the same range as your head of school.
Even though my father works here, my parents gave me the option to go to school wherever I wanted, and I still chose Tabor. I cherished my time growing up on campus and I was in no doubt about spending another four years here as a student. Tabor has provided many opportunities for me, and I am forever grateful for the community that continues to encourage me to push my ceiling higher.
Together, as the co-heads of school, our goal is to celebrate everyone's individuality by building upon our inclusive environment. We also hope to bring energy to different aspects of the school, lifting up all the people around us. Tabor has such a diverse community, but whether you are American or International, boarding or day, an athlete, an artist, or whatever your interest, we want to make sure that every individual feels important and a part of something bigger than themselves. 
The co-heads of school act as liaisons between the student body and the administrative offices. We plan to use our voices to echo those of our peers, as well as to improve the overall Tabor experience in any way we can. We both love Tabor and are extremely excited to get to know all of the incoming fresh faces, and to learn what this year holds in store for our home at Tabor!


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