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Seawolves Elect Co-Heads of School

Seawolves Elect Co-Heads of School

Tabor Academy’s student co-heads of school have become important leadership roles at our school by the sea. Through multiple rounds of speeches and voting, our student body elected one senior boy and one senior girl to serve as Co-Head of School for 2021-22.

Earlier in May, during a virtual All-School meeting, the finalists presented their pre-recorded remarks speaking on their desire to represent the student body, and their vision for leading the school. These speeches were heart-felt and thoughtful, and it’s gratifying to hear how much the students appreciate Tabor and our community. It is also enlightening to learn how they feel the school can improve and where students need to take the lead in bringing on those changes.

This year eight candidates from the Class of 2022 participated in the process: Alex MacAllister, Liv Justice, Emma Lee, Izzy Panikar, Percy Ackerman, Trin Gerjarusak, Young Hu, and Mikey Croteau. This broad field of candidates was narrowed down, and in the end, Liv Justice and Percy Ackerman were selected as Tabor’s 2021-22 Student Co-Heads of School! 

Just like any important job, this selection process was created to be sure that only truly interested candidates have the opportunity to run for office. These positions are somewhat symbolic, but they also have a great deal of influence as the student leaders have the opportunity to set a positive tone for the year and bring issues of concern forward for discussion and change through the faculty and administration. Liv wants to see her 3-point plan in action, focusing on “inclusivity and communication” and fostering “a supportive environment for all”. Percy will use his new position to “help redefine what it means to get an education at a place like Tabor.” He believes that Tabor Seawolves should be prepared to “launch ourselves into the world” and “ready to leave it better than we found it.”

With the right student leadership, there is very little the student body can’t accomplish in building a supportive community for all at Tabor. Congratulations to Liv and Percy!