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Feature: A Salute to Salit

Feature: A Salute to Salit

“Julie agreed to accept the job of Interim Head of School at a time of great uncertainty, not only for Tabor but the world at large,” Trustee David Barrett ’70 points out. “Thankfully, she was the right person at the right time. Julie, assisted by her able team, succeeded in steering Tabor through one of the more difficult periods in its history by hard work, thoughtful leadership, and a sense of purpose. The Tabor community will be forever grateful.”

A true leader shows strength, compassion, and humanity even in the toughest of situations. “Julie stepped into the role of Head of School at a critical and challenging time in Tabor Academy’s history,” says newly elected Board Chair Regina Shakin. “When she was asked to step in as Acting Head of School, she did not hesitate to serve the school in the most profound way—she led!”

Throughout it all—leadership changes, a global pandemic, social injustice—she handled it with determination, perseverance, resilience and good judgement. “I admired the way she was always so cheerful whenever I talked with her. You would never guess that she must have had the weight of the world on her shoulders,” Trustee Steve Sprague ’68 adds. “It was really something beautiful to behold how she and her leadership team, faculty, and staff all rose to the challenge and did so well. Tabor stood out as an exception among so many other schools.”

Navigating these times was no easy task, but Julie asked the right questions. “Julie and her team were able to get students through the end of the 2019-2020 school year and open in person in fall of 2020 when a lot of schools weren’t able to do that. For those students and families that weren’t comfortable being in person, she was able to provide virtual learning to accommodate them,” adds Trustee Lisa Eyler ’87.

Julie brought more than just business acumen to the job, however. She also embraced the joy and heart of Tabor every day. “Julie brought love and connection to students to her administrative role. As a biology teacher and a girls’ soccer coach, Julie maintained an understanding of the students the school serves,” Trustee Jennifer McIntire ’84 adds.

Her time as Interim Head of School will forever leave a mark on Tabor, not just for the work that Julie did while here, but because it was also a milestone for the school. “I am delighted to see a highly capable woman at the helm of Tabor Academy, the first in our history,” points out McIntire. “Julie rose to the occasion. This is particularly meaningful to an alumna who was a co-ed pioneer at the school.”

The appreciation for Julie is endless, and as she prepares for her next adventure with a leave of absence during the 2021-2022 year to attend graduate school, our Board of Trustees and our community are grateful for her leadership. Shakin sums it up best saying, “The school is stronger and in an excellent place due to her guidance and thoughtfulness. She will hand the school over to the next Head of School in much better shape than when she took over.”

To Julie Salit, we thank you for your leadership, your partnership, and your service to our school.