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Change: Letter from the Editor

Change: Letter from the Editor

Like many children, I dreamed of competing in the Olympics when I grew up. I wanted to be an Olympic equestrian and, through my early twenties, I was a competitive horseback rider. I always imagined that one day, I would transition from saddleseat—a style of riding that is not represented in the Olympics—and train to, hopefully, become an elite Olympic dressage rider, but life didn’t quite work out that way. Shortly after college, I hung up my helmet and left the stables behind for the competitive world of independent school marketing and communications. 

One might say I made a grammatical mistake when I switched riding disciplines ... today, instead of riding as an Olympic equestrian, I am writing to you as the editor of the Olympic Issue of Tabor Today

That’s right, we have dedicated an entire issue to telling Olympic stories: people who have competed in, and those who are tirelessly working to compete in, some of the most elite games in the world. With the games slated to take place this summer, it seemed only fitting to pay tribute to these talented Tabor athletes (we are assuming that COVID restrictions don’t alter the timing of the Games once again). 

As you read through the pages of this issue of Tabor Today, you may notice that the publication feels a bit different. Namely, the content has taken on a more narrative tone with articles telling the stories of Tabor, its deep history, and its people. Looking ahead to the future and the 150th anniversary of Tabor Academy, the idea of delving into the details of who we are as a school and a community seems more than fitting for our magazine, and the Olympics felt like a perfect starting point for Tabor Today’s new focus.

We invite you to dive into these tales of Tabor and learn more about some of our first Tabor Olympians and those who are currently hoping to represent their home countries in the Games soon. Beyond the stories on these pages, we encourage you to visit our magazine online for bonus content, including additional stories and photos. And, if you have a story that needs to be told, we welcome you to share it with us. Help us honor all members of our community who have left a mark on Tabor’s history. 

Happy reading!

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