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Words from the Art

Student artwork
Words from the Art

During the winter trimester Joanne Huang '23 submitted artwork for Blooming Truths - Creatives of Color BOSTON, a Boston art exhibition that invites BIPOC artists of any medium to enter their work. This year’s theme is “Exploration of a Post-Colonialist World,” and the prompt Huang followed is, “What would the world look like if colonialism never existed, and BIPOC were given the chance to truly blossom?”

In response to the theme, Huang first thought of the influence that Japanese colonialism has on Taiwan. “The piece specifically focuses on the architectural influence of the Baroque style that was brought by the Portuguese to Japan, who then brought it to Taiwan,” says Huang. “I chose to explore the two aspects I most resonate with, which are the architectural aspect and the railway system. I chose these aspects because of how often I have passed through Baroque styled architectural buildings without realizing their origin and the railway system that is now far developed and deeply integrated into my daily life.”

Huang’s art was chosen to be displayed, alongside several other artists, at the Old Town Hall in Salem, Massachusetts. The exhibition runs until May 29.