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The Co-Curricular Experience, Adjusted for COVID-19

The Co-Curricular Experience, Adjusted for COVID-19

Tabor has done its best to maintain a robust co-curricular program guided by the Centers for Disease Control and state parameters while adding CDC recommended activities. Specifically, the school has added a rotation of six CDC-endorsed outdoor recreational activities including badminton, disc golf, kickball, strength and agility, and volleyball.

We know that being active and having an outlet is essential for mental, emotional and physical health and it is why we provide such a large, diverse co-curricular program. Overall, it seems that students have enjoyed the variety of outdoor activities.

With Tabor’s remote learning phase that began in December, planning began in advance for additional ways to keep students engaged in co-curricular activities. Similar to last spring’s remote trimester, co-curricular leaders are in contact with remote participants. Teams and groups will continue to work together so students are ready to jump into in-person activities once they’re back on campus.

Although this year may look a little different, we are dedicated to giving our Seawolves the best co-curricular experience possible.