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Annual Report

Our Donors

+ Anchor Society: The Anchor Society recognizes the commitment of our donors who support Tabor year-after-year with gifts of any amount to any area of Tabor Academy. Donors qualify for membership in the Anchor Society upon their second consecutive fiscal year of giving.

◊ Platinum Anchor Society: The Platinum Anchor is a group of alumni donors who have given to Tabor Academy every single fiscal year since graduation. Members can also receive the honorary title of Platinum Anchor after 30 years of consecutive giving.

Δ Elizabeth Taber Society: Those making planned life income gifts or bequests.

Rising Tide: Current students who have made a gift of any size.

* Deceased donor


The Beacon Society is Tabor Academy's most distinguished donor society. It serves to recognize and honor alumni, parents, and friends with cumulative gifts totaling one million dollars or more. The foundation and future success of Tabor is forged through the philanthropic leadership of these individuals who believe in our mission and invest in the vision of this great school. We are deeply grateful for their extraordinary support as they strengthen and magnify Tabor’s ability to transform the lives of generations of students for the better.

Lifetime Giving of $1million+

Alumni Giving & Rising Tide Donors

We are pleased to recognize the generous support of our student and alumni communities during the fiscal year 2021-22.

Tribute Giving

1876 Founder’s Society Donors

Faculty & Staff

Corporations & Foundations

Family & Friends

Endowment Funds - June 30, 2022

Total Scholarship Endowment

Market Value (June 30, 2021): $18,847,761
Total Received This Year: $990,893
Est. Market Value (June 30, 2022): $17,473,407

Total Faculty & Instruction Endowment

Market Value (June 30, 2021): $10,308,872
Total Received This Year: $6,165
Est. Market Value (June 30, 2022): $9,085,235

Total Library & Arts Endowment

Market Value (June 30, 2021): $1,467,983
Total Received This Year: $10,441
Est. Market Value (June 30, 2022): $1,302,160

Total Athletics & Waterfront Endowment

Market Value (June 30, 2021): $5,994,052
Total Received This Year: $2,088,928
Est. Market Value (June 30, 2022): $7,119,293

Total Other Endowment

Market Value (June 30, 2021): $10,505,061
Total Received This Year: $25,897
Est. Market Value (June 30, 2022): $9,275,413

General/Unrestricted Endowment

Market Value (June 30, 2021): $5,758,861
Total Received This Year: $86,233
Est. Market Value (June 30, 2022): $5,148,218


Market Value (June 30, 2021):
Total Received This Year:
Est. Market Value (June 30, 2022):