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Honoring Hayden Library

A Legacy of Love

Join Becky Love Macomber from Tabor’s Advancement Office as she takes a look back at the history of the Charles Hayden Library. She shares a special connection she and her family have to the building’s beginnings and pays tribute to not only the history, but also the people who made this space more than just a building. And, Becky invites you to watch as she has the honor of uncovering a hidden piece of history buried beneath Hayden.

Take part in honoring the Charles Hayden Library as we look to the future and prepare for new beginnings. We invite you to make a gift in honor of Hayden, paying tribute to its legacy as you support the construction of the new Campus Center.

All-A-Taut-O, Seawolves!

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List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Why aren't we renovating the existing Hayden Library?

    A full assessment was conducted to determine the feasibility of renovating the existing footprint of Hayden Library. A number of factors came into play in making the decision to tear down the Hayden Library.

    First, the building’s location relative to the flood zone provided limitations pertaining to its current footprint and build, making a rebuild a more sound choice.

    Most importantly, the building’s current structure and design results in underutilized space, and limits the ability to construct a comprehensive two-floor layout. This two-floor layout would provide much-needed space to accommodate the required square-footage to achieve everything that is going into the new structure for students and offices. 

    These factors led to the decision to construct a much-needed new building.

    However, we will not let the Hayden Library go without remembering its place within our history. A nod to the building that stood before it, the old weathervane will return to the roofline of the new Campus Center in a cupola designed to complement the piece. In addition, two large lighting fixtures and wood paneling from the Hayden Library were salvaged and will be used in the second-floor conference room, honoring the historic charm of Tabor’s past. 
  • Q. Why do we need a new Campus Center?

    Tabor has never had a formal Campus Center, which means it lacks several key aspects of boarding and day student life. This key structure ties together aspects of academic and social life for students, much like Elizabeth Taber envisioned back nearly 150 years ago when she founded our beloved institution. 

    A new Campus Center, which in turn provides a new Student Union, can be a place where students can relax and hang out, connect and collaborate, and re-energize with coffee and conversation. We need an exciting place for all students—no matter where they come from—to engage, connect, and relate to each other, and this building will do just that. It will also provide a much-needed space for day students to congregate.

    Students can come here to “Get Centered” as they get ready for classes, extra-curricular activities, and life in general. They can study, get tutoring, prepare for cocurricular activities, and connect with Student Life offices. This space can be a melting pot for the campus, where everyone can come together, be included, and find a place to call their own. 
  • Q. How will the new Campus Center benefit the Library?

    The library’s new home will allow for a more modern approach to research and library services through enhanced technology. The new space for the library will provide ample opportunities for both private quiet study and group work. The large conference room located just off the main library area can double as an added classroom, serve as a meeting space for school leadership, students, parents, and other constituents, as well as added a collaborative workspace during evening study halls.
  • Q. How will the new Campus Center benefit the Archives?

    The Campus Center will also be home to the beloved Tabor Archives, which documents the history of our school. As we approach the 150th anniversary, which we will celebrate in 2026-2027, there is nothing more fitting than to dedicate this new space to our archives. Work is being done to create a digital catalog of our archival material, and now we will have a gorgeous new space for our archivist to not only work but also share our materials with students in order to augment learning. The building will also have display cases in order to allow for curated displays to showcase select items. In addition to the Archives’ main space on the second floor, a temperature-controlled storage area will be included in the basement for additional materials.

Make a Gift in Honor of Hayden Library


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