Saturday School Day with Bobby Petrocelli

Motivational Speaker, Bobby Petrocelli, will join us for our February Saturday School Day.  The program will be livestreamed on our Facebook page.

Mr. Petrocelli endured the loss of his wife when a drunk driver crashed into his home. Finding his voice and commitment to live after this freak accident helped him discover his purpose as a speaker, author, educator and coach. His zest for life and charismatic personality help spread his messages of self-love, choice, and the power of a strong foundation. His talks emphasize the reality that each of us matter and that we must be who we are and share our love and talent with the world in order to make a difference.

Petrocelli has worked with educational groups, community organizations, professional sports and collegiate teams as well as corporations and medical groups. He has been featured on TV on MSNBC, Lifetime and the Family Channel and was awarded the prestigious Telly Award for his appearance on Overcoming Obstacles. He is the author of 18 motivational books such as You Matter, It Doesn't; 10 Seconds will Change your Life Forever; Triumph over Tragedy; and Unshakeable Character. Learn more at his website.

We look forward to welcoming Mr. Petrocelli, the cousin of our Director of Counseling, Dan Petrocelli, for an uplifting morning. Small group activities will follow his presentation.


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