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Emergency Notices

Emergency Response Team

Tyrone Black

Titles: Associate Head of School

James Bonsey

Titles: Associate Head of School for Finance and Operations, Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Jaccaci

Titles: Head of School

Noel Pardo

Titles: Associate Director of Constituent Engagement

Andrew Cornah

Titles: Director of Waterfront and Head of Sailing Program

Bethany Daniels

Titles: Executive Assistant Office of the Head of School

Timothy Frey

Titles: Director, Information Technology

James Houck

Titles: Dean of Student Life/Latin Teacher/12th Grade Class Dean

Joseph Irvine

Titles: Director of Facilities

Stacy Jagodowski

Titles: Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications

Christina Kennedy

Titles: Dean of Academics

Julie Przybyszewski

Titles: Director of Health Services

Kelly Walker

Titles: Director of Co-Curriculars and Athletics