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Day Student Experience

Students viewing the 2022-23 yearbook for the first time
Students picking up their bags leaving Chapel

The Best of Both Worlds

Day students represent about a quarter of our student population at Tabor. They are integrated throughout the school community, so much so that it is difficult for students to know who is a day student and who is not. Day students are found in leadership roles across campus, are active in weekend life planning and participation, and are generous hosts, expanding opportunities for Tabor's cultural exchanges with other countries, or with Tabor friends who live a state or a world away!

Day students are assigned into three virtual houses, providing identity as the boarders have within their dormitories. The houses, named for past Heads of School, compete as teams during campus-wide games and competitions such as our orientation Seawolf Games and themed contests, such as for costume dances. The house proctors and volunteers plan activities for the house members, providing another group identity for day students beyond teams, clubs, and advisory groups.

It is a great opportunity to be a day student. Most American students are not exposed to the wide range of diversity our campus community represents. From students from as far away as Egypt and Thailand to students from the South and West of our country, the opportunities to learn from one's peers are expanded in a boarding school.  

Take advantage of the best of both worlds at Tabor!

As a day student you get to immerse yourself completely in a separate community that is very different from your own at home and compare the two. My  home community is very different than Tabor. Each of us are so excited to be here, and we are respected here.

Matthew Carvalho '19

What's it like being a day student at Tabor Academy? According to Matthew Carvalho from the Class of 2019, it's not all that different from being a boarder.

"I think that the balance of separation and integration is key to a prosperous life on campus. There are times we need our own identity and space, and there are times we love being all together as Seawolves. When I came here freshman year I expected to be here until 5PM each day, heading home after sports. In fact, I am here 7 days a week 7AM to 10PM, staying for all meals and evening study hall. Weekend activities are fun and are open to all of us allowing an easy flow and diffusion between day and boarders. Dances, meals, open skate/gym, laser tag, allow us to be together, but we also enjoy friendly competition as part of our day student houses against dormitory teams when we have community wide games or contests.

"I have learned to stretch out all the possible time that I can on this campus. The thing I adore most is that time never feels wasted here. You never feel you are just sitting doing nothing, you never feel you are alone on this campus. You always feel like you have some one, you always feel like you have some thing, and you always feel like you have some where on this campus. That is something I had to learn over time, because coming from a public school, you just went home after class. I didn't know this when I came, but Tabor is more than a school, Tabor is a home. Boarders always say Tabor is a home away from home, but I think this is true for day students, too. And while our home may be a little bit closer; this is a home away from home for us also."