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Clubs & Activities

Tabor Robotics team
Special Olympics at Tabor
Community Service in New Bedford

Follow your passions!

In addition to athletics and arts activities, after school co-curricular options abound. Groups such as Model UN, Engineering, Debate, Math, Robotics Team, Bowsprit literary magazine, Fore ‘N’ Aft yearbook, Photo Pool, and The Log student newspaper are purposeful activities that combine particular passions and interests with collaborative and individual pursuits. Some groups have been at Tabor for generations, while others emerge with burgeoning student interest; if there is student interest and a faculty sponsor, a club is born.

Student-Run Clubs

Our clubs, such as Special Olympics, the GSA, and I Am That Girl meet regularly and have a student leadership structure. In addition to meetings, these groups host or attend events on and off campus and help to serve our community in a variety of ways.

Student Community Service Board

Much of our community service activities are monitored and planned and promoted through our community service board of directors. Service is an important value at Tabor and we are proud of our student leadership in this area.

Student Activities Council

Other activities add to our weekend programming. The Student Activities Council (SAC) works with our Student Life Office to plan weekend social and community events of interest to the students. On any given weekend, students may decide to cook, head out at dawn to fish, or participate in a Ping-Pong tournament.

Student Government

Tabor Academy Student Council (TASC) is our constitutionally organized form of student government with elected officers at each class level and co-heads of school elected by the student body. They plan class events and fundraisers as well as suggest policy updates concerning student life to the Head of School.

Sample Student Run Clubs

Tabor Robotics Team

Special Olympics Club

Other Student Groups

As these clubs are organized and run by students, they may change from year-to-year. Some of the longer-running clubs that we often see on campus include:

  • A cappella groups (male and female)
  • Student Tech Help Desk
  • Juntos! 
  • Community Service Board 
  • You and Me (mentoring middle schoolers)
  • Peer Tutor Leaders 
  • Poetry Club
  • Operation Smile Club
  • Seawolf Cycling 
  • Special Olympics Club 
  • TASC (Tabor Academy Student Council)
  • GAINS (Girls Advance in Science)
  • GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance)
  • Global Partners 
  • International Dinner 
  • International Week 
  • Trading Places 
  • International Co-Heads 
  • Tea Club 
  • Baking Club 
  • I Am That Girl (IATG: positive affirmation and action club open to all genders)
  • Latin Club  
  • Seawolf Squash Group 
  • Animation Studies Club 
  • Breakfast Club
  • Sign Language Club
  • Backgammon Club 
  • Environmental Club
  • Digital Music Club
  • Jazz Band
  • The Wave (fashion magazine)

Student-Run Publications

  • Bowsprit (art & literary magazine)
  • Fore 'N' Aft (yearbook)
  • The Log (student newspaper)

Afternoon Program 

Students must do something every afternoon: two of three seasons, including freshman fall, must be a Tabor Team offering through athletics or through one of the team items below. 

Non-Athletic Team Offerings (find our seasonal sports teams here)

  • Debate (Winter)
  • Drama (Fall, Winter)
  • Model U.N. (Winter)
  • Musical (Winter)
  • Robotics (Winter)

Non-Athletic Individual Offerings (each year, one season can be an individual offering)

  • Applied Music (all seasons)
  • Art (all seasons)
  • Ceramics (all seasons)
  • Community Service (all seasons)
  • Maker Lab (Fall, Spring)
  • Photography (all seasons)
  • Yearbook (all seasons)