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Student Life

Tabor students in chapel

We enjoy being together!

A strong community is the heart and soul of Tabor Academy. While there are lots of times for friends to be together at games and on weekends, we also make time to gather the entire school community three to four times a week to celebrate achievements, watch student performances, share a meal, enjoy conversation and reflect together as a community.


Every Monday, the entire Tabor community gathers in Wickenden Chapel for an assembly that is non-denominational and includes various speakers from the senior class and faculty, a musical selection played on the organ, and often a performance from one of Tabor’s singing or instrument groups. The chapel program is a way for the speaker to share their experiences with the rest of the school and to provoke thought and reflection among the listeners. The personal nature of the speeches serves to further the closeness of the community and promotes an accepting atmosphere. 


Every other Tuesday, students and their advisor gather as advisory groups. There may be agenda items to discuss shared by the Dean’s Office, but often, this is a chance for students to regroup, check-in with their advisor, and make plans for one-on-one meetings or advisory group fun activities. Students are assigned to an advisor for their first year, and may opt to remain in the group or select a new advisor after their first year at Tabor.

All-School Meeting

Thursday mornings, the school congregates in the Fireman Center Auditorium to hear the announcements, plans for weekend activities, and to see a performance by a Tabor group or an outside company. All-School meeting, run by the student Co-Heads of School, helps to build school spirit as it is both an informational and entertaining way to keep students and faculty up to date on Tabor events.

Department/Class Meetings

Every other Friday, officers and advisors of each grade have the option of holding a class meeting. These assemblies pertain only to a single class and often involve updates from the college counseling office, plans for fundraising and general announcements.