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Campus Life
Equity and Inclusion

AIM Initiative

Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism

In 2013, Tabor underwent an extensive qualitative DEI climate assessment that was developed and implemented by Diversity Directions, an independent consulting firm. The report suggested various initiatives, policies, and practices for the Tabor community to consider; some of which were completed, and some of which are still in progress.

In early 2021, Tabor initiated another qualitative assessment, with an additional quantitative DEI component. NAIS Assessment for Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM) was chosen based upon the Principles of Good Practice for Equity and Justice suggested by NAIS.

In addition to the qualitative assessment section, AIM contains a quantitative Online Climate Survey that involves much of the greater Tabor community. The qualitative self-assessment section consists of discovery committees whose function is to discuss various aspects of the school community including school governance and leadership, admissions and financial aid, teaching and learning, student life, and faculty, staff, parent/guardian, and alum involvement and investment. Both assessments were conducted between March and May of 2021.

The overarching goal for the newly formed DEI Committee of the Board of Trustees and the existing DEI Office is to determine the progress in meeting diversity, equity and inclusivity goals, to identify current initiatives that are working and institute policies, practices necessary to move the school toward building a community of belonging for all of its stakeholders.

Additional details regarding the process are available below. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the research components of this initiative. We appreciate your support as we continue to improve our school and best meet the needs of our Tabor constituents.

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  • Timeline

    March 2021 - COMPLETED
    • Quantitative Assessment Begins
      • Surveys for Faculty/Staff, Students, and Parents sent out
    • Qualitative Assessment Begins
      • Self-Assessment Document Work Begins  
      • Steering Committee Prepares for Discovery Groups
    April/May 2021 - COMPLETED
    • Quantitative Assessment Continues
      • Alum & Trustees Surveys Sent
      • All Surveys Due by April 15, 2021
    • Qualitative Assessment Continues
      • Discovery Groups Convene
      • Self-Assessment Document Work Due by May 2021 
    Summer/Fall 2021 - COMPLETED
    • An outside company will review the findings and present a full report by the end of the Summer to the Steering Committee, Head of School & the Board of Trustees DEI Committee.
    • The Steering Committee, Head of School & the Board of Trustees DEI Committee review findings and develop a commitment statement.
    • Share results with board, faculty and staff, students
    Winter 2021 - COMPLETED
    • Share results with the internal Tabor community
    • The Director of Equity & Inclusion, Head of School, and the Board of Trustees will articulate an Equity & Inclusion Vision Statement and formulate a three-year Strategic Plan.  
    Updates to the timeline will be made as needed.
  • Discovery Committees - COMPLETED

    Discovery Committees are focus groups that will gather to address specific questions provided by NAIS related to equity, inclusion, and multiculturalism. These groups, by design, representation a cross-section of our community and therefore will not include every member of our community. 
  • Survey - COMPLETED

    The Survey Itself
    A component of the AIM process is an anonymous survey, designed and tested by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and administered by their organization to ensure security, anonymity, and confidentiality of the information that each respondent shares. The survey should take less than 25 minutes to complete, but respondents can take as much time as they need and even save their progress and return at a later date.

    Survey Participants
    The AIM survey is designed to assess Tabor's current climate of equity, inclusion, and multiculturalism; therefore, we are focusing on our current community and recent alums. 
    • Students
    • Current Parents
    • Faculty, Staff, and Administration
    • Trustees
    • Classes of 2011-2020
    There will be additional opportunities later in the process for any constituent to provide feedback and have a voice in our assessments.

    Survey Results
    Survey results were shared with board, faculty and staff, and students in Fall 2021. 
  • Results

    The copious amounts of data collected from our research phase is being assessed and synthesized by a third party service, which will assist us in our next steps, which includes building a strategic plan.

    Tentatively, we hope to have a Strategic Plan for Equity & Inclusion initiatives ready to share with the entire (external) Tabor community in Winter of 2022. We are working to complete this initiative as quickly as possible, but also wish to devote adequate time to ensure we create a plan that best meets the needs of Tabor Academy.

    Updates to the timeline will be made on this webpage as needed.
  • Why Use NAIS AIM?

    Taken from the NAIS Website:

    "In many organizations, the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion are viewed as intangibles—good things to have, to do, and to profess, but not necessarily the grounds of structured processes and accountability. Delivering quantitative and qualitative data that demonstrates the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion that are crucial to your school’s success. 

    "The data from AIM can convert thoughts, ideas, and assumed best practices into benchmarked numbers for real goal setting. Your evaluation will help shine a light on topics that include:
    • Progress in meeting diversity, equity, and inclusion goals
    • Success in existing diversity and multicultural programs and initiatives
    • Your school's current level of inclusivity as perceived by multiple constituencies
    • Areas of need, whether in curriculum, infrastructure, governance, or services
    • Engagement processes that illuminate patterns, multiple perspectives, and opportunities for improvement
    "The AIM Online Climate Survey engages your community in a confidential analysis designed to elicit feedback on school climate and culture. Again, members of all constituent groups are given access to the online survey, and upon completion, the school receives summarized results. These results come in an easy-to-digest format the school can put to use in strategic planning and in follow-up training and programming. "
  • Questions/Comments

    If you have questions about the AIM Initiative or would like to share your thoughts regarding DEIJ initiatives at Tabor Academy, please email us. We value your thoughts and input, but please know that we may not respond to each individual comment. We will keep the entire community updated with regular communication throughout the AIM Initiative.

Steering Committee

Jennifer McIntire '84

Chair, Equity and Inclusion Committee 

Loraine Snead
Director of Equity and Inclusion
AIM Site Coordinator

Stacy Jagodowski
Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications 

Xan Marsella '14 

Bridgette Watts P'21

David Wellstead
Science Instructor

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