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Campus Life

Dining, Health & Wellness

Dining Services

The dining services team strives to make the mealtime experience as close to home cooking as possible. The staff is encouraged to get to know the students, be friendly and ask about their day. Our goal is for students to feel comfortable asking about particular dietary needs or simply sharing their favorite foods and asking for an addition to the daily menu. There are vegetarian/gluten/dairy-free options, and a gluten aware serving station available to help provide for members of the community with food allergies and alternative preferences. Religious accommodations are also met as needed.

Tabor’s dining service is managed by Flik Independent Schools. We take pride in our food service, providing a variety of food choices, prepared using only the freshest ingredients. We use cage-free eggs, serve seafood purchased in accordance with seafood watch guidelines for sustainability, and buy locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.

Health & Counseling Services

Tabor Academy prides itself on taking care of the whole student. To that end, the Health Center and Health Services are available 24/7 to help all students with any issue that might arise, be it medical or emotional. We recognize and appreciate that adolescence is a time of emotional and physical growth and change.

We Care 24/7!

Tabor Academy's Health Center is staffed round the clock with professionally licensed nurses, a nurse practitioner, and an on-call physician. The nursing staff is readily available for consultation in the dorms, on the playing fields, or whenever necessary in the Health Center. Students also have access to a full-time school counselor and two athletic trainers. The local hospital is just six miles from campus should students require a visit to the emergency room.

Students are welcome to come to the Health Center anytime to be seen for illness or injury, to receive daily medication, or to schedule an appointment with one of the healthcare providers. The Health Center staff will arrange appointments and transportation to medical specialists or arrange for further testing when the need arises. The Health Center is a warm and comfortable place for students when they are not feeling well. There are rooms available for resting/sleeping, quiet studying, or watching television while enjoying a cup of soup or tea.

We believe that health plays a vital role in how successfully one can achieve academic, social, and personal goals. Good health promotes favorable results, which is why we are here 24/7 to support our students. 


Adolescence has always been tough, but today's teens are experiencing higher levels of anxiety than any generation before them. Tabor's faculty, Dean's Office and Health Services Team is responding to this through regular dialogue with our students during advisory and All-School Meeting, through 24/7 access to our health and counseling services, and through special programming, often with outside speakers on topics of health and wellness. 

Our faculty believe it is critically important to open dialogue with students about the impact of their decisions around the use of drugs and alcohol, their choice to engage in sexual activity, and the way they consume social media and use their electronic devices. Though these topics can be uncomfortable, our students need adult guidance in these matters. We are bolstered by studies that indicate trusted adults positively influence student behavior. We hope through our effort, our students know they can come to us with any concern and that we will be there for them. Regular communication with parents about these topics and events are part of this critical dialogue and effort to keep our students as safe and happy as possible.

Finally, our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and our absolute intolerance for bullying and hazing are clearly spelled out for all students as integral to our goal to have Tabor be a safe place for all our students to be themselves.


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