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Tabor's New Dorms

Matsumura House & Cornelia Hall: Design Philosophy

Tabor Academy opened Matsumura House, a boys' dorm, in 2015. And in September 2019, Cornelia Hall for boarding girls opened its doors! Their design incorporates new and exciting ideas about residential life that take shape in these beautiful facilities.

These structures provide an opportunity to improve the residential life experience for students by offering more open common spaces for student-faculty interaction and proximity to the dining hall and library, popular evening destinations. Emily Kaplan, a houseparent in Cornelia Hall, said, “Since it’s such a beautiful space, it’s already attracting students who want to come here and hang out with the students who live here."

Architect Will Saltonstall '82 of Saltonstall Architects, said, “We designed these two dorms much like a large home, with different nooks for small gatherings of students, a kitchen island for working collaboratively on homework or making a snack, as well as plenty of bright, open areas for the dorm community to be together.” With their large common areas, each dorm enjoys hosting small gatherings or inter-dorm events, increasing student engagement within our diverse learning and living community.

Sustainability is Important to Tabor Students and Faculty

Saltonstall, who designed the school’s first Gold Certified LEED design project in 2005, shared that because of the importance of sustainability at Tabor the new dorms feature locally sourced materials and systems, super-efficient insulation and windows, high-efficiency boilers, water-saving strategies, photovoltaic panels, and LED lighting.

Take a Walk Through Cornelia Hall


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