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"The hardest working wrestlers in New England walk through these doors." These are the words written above the entrance to the wrestling room, and they are the spirit of the Tabor Academy Wrestling Program. Since the team's first official season in 1943, Tabor Academy Wrestling has made a name for itself in New England. The program owes it success to the hard work and dedication of the student-athletes that commit to doing thier best in and out of the wrestling room.

While the team has a number of student-athletes with prior wrestling experience, the program relies equally on the "homegrown" wrestler. Many of the starting varsity wrestlers got their first exposure to the sport as new students here at Tabor as JV grapplers. The team takes pride in each and every wrestler, regardless of ability; all are welcome and no one is cut from the program. The program carries 40 to 50 wrestlers each season, and a handful go on to compete at the collegiate level.