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Strength & Conditioning

    • Tabor Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Our Program

The goal of Tabor Academy Strength and Conditioning is to provide all students with an outlet to improve their athletic performance through a supervised, linear, and progressive program.
The primary goal is to improve the way our athletes move. We strive to improve their patterns of movement, while progressively increasing their strength and power in order to improve performance, efficiency, and prevent injury. Students can participate through a season-long co-curricular program, team training sessions, and/or individualized programming. All students are welcome to participate and will be thoroughly assessed before a program, properly chosen for his or her current ability, is designed to ensure proper growth as an athlete.

Located in the Fitness Center within the Fish Center for Health and Athletics, the program is supervised by Brian Torres, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Certified Licensed Athletic Trainer. Brian is enthusiastic about helping students become better athletes and is eager to help athletes at all levels reach their goals.

A Course on Exercise Physiology

An evening course meeting twice weekly in the fall, Exercise Physiology, offers students who are interested in exercise an opportunity to learn the scientific reasoning and biomechanics of the body’s response to various forms of training and exercise modalities. The course also touches on nutrition and supplements. Integrating classroom time with lab work in the fitness center and on the athletic surfaces, the course teaches students how to get the most out of their workouts.

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  • Photo of Brian Torres

    Brian Torres 

    Assistant Athletic Director, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, & Athletic Trainer


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