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At Tabor, we are  committed to supporting our student’s physical, mental, and intellectual wellness. Our student-athletes enjoy state-of-the-art athletic, fitness, and health facilities, including a fitness center, rowing tank, turf complex, and much more. Additionally, Tabor’s proximity to Buzzards Bay affords unparalleled access to the water for our sailing and rowing programs.

Family walking towards Fish Center entrance

The Fish Center for Health and Athletics

The Fish Center for Health and Athletics is the hub for student wellness on campus. Our Fish Center is home to a majority of our indoor athletic facilities and is located on the central campus allowing student-athletes easy access to the locker rooms and trainers. The athletic complex is home to:

Fitness Center & Weight Room

To support the strength and health of all our students we have two professionally staffed athletic training rooms. The newly updated weight room known as The Beebe—named in honor of former faculty member Roderick Beebe, who was a catalyst for the Tabor rowing program—includes a large free weights area for strength training. Plus, located just across the lobby is our fitness center, which houses a wide range of new, state-of-the-art cardio equipment. Our trainers also use these rooms to manage strength and conditioning programs for our most serious athletes.

Students lifting weights

Field House

At the heart of the Fish Center, we have a multipurpose Field House with three convertible basketball and indoor tennis courts. Our Field House was resurfaced in 2023 to provide the best possible playing conditions for our athletes.

Travis Roy Rink & Howard Johnson Arena

Adjacent to our Field House we have the Travis Roy Rink located in the Howard Johnson Arena. The rink was named in honor of Tabor alumnus and dedicated trustee Travis Roy ’95 who will forever be an inspiration to our school. In March of 2022, Tabor worked with IB Storey, leading rink engineers, to install a new refrigeration system that uses Gen II technology, making Tabor the first to employ this technology in the United States. We are pleased with the performance, sustainability, and reliability this renovation has brought to our rink. The Johnson Arena was named in memory of Howard D. Johnson, a Tabor parent.

Arms Squash Courts

At the end of the Fish Center's main corridor, we have our five international squash courts. Our squash courts are designed with a large spectator gallery that allows viewers to watch from below and above the courts. The courts were given in honor of former trustee Charles S. Arms.

Squash team meeting

Robert G. Stone Gymnasium

The Stone Gym is home to the Joan and Rich Roller basketball court. The hardwood parquet basketball surface court is where our basketball teams compete at the highest level of competition. The gymnasium is named in honor of Robert G. Stone, former president of the Board of Trustees.

Girls basketball game tip off

Wrestling Room 

Across from the Stone Gym, we have our 3,000-square-foot wrestling facility. In the spring, this room converts into a space for our dance program.

Boys wrestling match

Crew Alumni Rowing Tank

In 2013, the rowing center was constructed as an extension of the Fish Center. The state-of-the-art, eight-station sweep/sculling tank and ergs provide an exceptional indoor training facility that has enhanced our crew program. The tanks were named for the many crew alumni donors who supported this project spearheaded by trustee Lou Wolfe ‘68.

Boys rowing practice in tank

Athletic Training Facility

At the end of the Fish Center next to our turf complex, we have our Athletic Training Facility. The Athletic Training Facility is located near the fields and locker rooms to make it easily accessible to our athletes.

Student getting foot taped by one of Tabor's athletic trainers

Health Center

Located on the second floor of the Fish Center we have our Health Center. The newly updated space and medical equipment help to provide the best assistance for our students. The Health Center and counseling services are fully staffed and available to students 24/7 during the academic year.


Tabor Nurse in the Health Center

Fields and Outdoor Facilities

In total, we have eight playing fields, including three on the turf complex and five grass fields. These five grass fields distributed throughout campus are used by all sports teams and for recreational activities. Our grass fields include Martin North, Martin South (softball field), Upper Chapel Field, Lower Chapel Field, and the Track Field.

G. Richard Duffy '56 Athletic Turf complex

The central-campus fields are named in honor of Richard Duffy ‘56, a teacher and long-time baseball coach at Tabor Academy, whose devotion to Tabor Athletics is unmatched. Our eight-acre turf complex includes three playing fields built to accommodate football, soccer, field hockey, baseball, and lacrosse. In 2021, lighting was installed on the football field which has allowed sports teams extended hours of playing time after sundown.

Fish Field

Thanks to a generous donor, Tabor's Lower Chapel Field underwent significant renovations in Fall 2023, to mirror the scope and quality of our central-campus turf fields. Through the work that was done to install the turf and new irrigation system supporting the other upper campus fields, we have enhanced the safety, functionality, and sustainability of Tabor's outdoor facilities.

Mens soccer games

Upper Chapel Grass Fields 

In addition to the installation of turf to Fish Field, the 2023 renovations included stripping, reseeding and installing an irrigation system to enhance the grass playing fields on the upper campus, allowing for additional team play.

Girls lacrosse game on Duffy Field

James D. Gowing Track

The Gowing Track resides on our upper campus next to our tennis courts. The track is named in honor of James D. Gowing, an involved faculty member and former track and soccer coach.

Mens track competition

Legacy Tennis Courts

In 2022, all eight of the tennis courts were resurfaced and reconstructed to include new fencing, branded windscreens, and lighting. One of the eight courts is also lined to serve as two pickleball courts for students to enjoy in their free time.

Waterfront Facilities

We have a lot of "things that float" here at Tabor, nearly 150 if you count them all. Between our docks and piers, motorboats, paddle boats, and sailboats, as well as our signature school schooner and more, there's something for everyone who wants to get a little time out on the water. Be it sailing, swimming, or just getting some sun, it's no wonder we're known as the School by the Sea.

Crew and Sailing Center

Located down on the waterfront in Hoyt Hall is our Crew and Sailing Center. The Crew Center houses nine of our top-flight racing shells and equipment. Adjacent to the Crew Center we have our Sailing Center which houses our 65 sailing boats including Z420s and FJs for racing and Quests, Sunfish, and Prams for recreational use.


Sailing and Crew boathouses on Hoyt.


The location of the Tabor campus on Sippican Harbor provides students with exceptional athletic, academic, and recreational opportunities. Our waterfront is easily accessible using one of our three docks. The Lillard Dock, located directly outside of Lillard Hall, is used by our sailing program. The second two docks are located behind Hoyt Hall. The Hoyt Dock is used to store boats. Adjacent to the Hoyt Dock is the Crew and Swim Dock that is used to launch our crew shells and is a popular recreational space for students during the warm weather.

Two girls in whaler at sailing dock

SSV Tabor Boy

The SSV Tabor Boy is a 92-foot sail training schooner. The Tabor Boy provides students with exceptional opportunities to be a part of the vessel's deck crew taking on leadership roles and participating in expeditions through Buzzards Bay and far beyond. The Tabor Boy provides students with experiential learning opportunities including the Tabor Boy Summer Experience for newly enrolled students.

Tabor Boy sailing