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Captain John A. Carlson

John Carlson
Captain John A. Carlson
Captain and Coach

1944 - 1956

Captain "Cap" John Carlson was a master sailor and a World Champion wrestler. Cap first joined Tabor Academy in 1912 as the Physical Director of the Tabor Summer Camp. From 1925-1943, he was Captain of the vessels sailed during Tabor's summer program, both the BLACK DUCK and TABOR BOY. In 1943, Headmaster James Wickenden urged Cap Carlson to join the Tabor staff full-time to lead the waterfront program, captain the TABOR BOY and lead as head coach of Tabor's wrestling program. In 1944, Cap joined Tabor as a full-time faculty member. Although Cap had no formal education, he was one of the best educators of his era. Cap would always tell his students to look down the Bay, or wherever they were headed, to see what winds and seas the boats ahead were experiencing--a great metaphor to navigate by in life. In 1944, the graduating class dedicated their yearbook in his honor:

Captain John A. Carlson, who for twenty-six years, has served Tabor with a most enviable record of untiring effort and patience. He, through is vast knowledge of seas and ships, has led us to a more perfect understanding of these things. He now holds a place of undying respect and friendship in the heart of every Tabor boy.

Captain Carlson was a kind and gentle teacher and a father figure to his students. He was also the only Captain to have commanded all three Tabor vessels named TABOR BOY.