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1994 Varsity Girls' Hockey

94' Girls Hockey
1994 Varsity Girls' Hockey
24 - 0 Undefeated Season
NEPSAC Division I New England Champions

Tabor Academy's 1994 Varsity Girls' Hockey team was an unbelievably resilient, competitive and successful team. Their achievement came not from one or two individuals, but by the diversity in their entire team's skill and ability to all come together. After winning the highly competitive annual winter break Taft Tournament, the team traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia to represent Tabor, and the United States, in an international jamboree, playing national teams from around the world. They ended the year with an undefeated season, going 24-0-0. The team then went on to become the NEPSAC Division I New England Champions, beating Lawrence Academy 5-4 in a double overtime win.

Team Roster:
Laura Grimes Alter '96; Derith Hart Andrew '97; Alison A. Brewer '96; Elizabeth M. Dyke '97; Salinda A. Fertig-Pechaitis '95; Katharine Masi Fleming '94; Nicole DeBlois Greene '95; Carrie B Johnson '94; Emilie Schnitman Liebhoff '94, Captain; Amy B. Macklin '94, Captain; Kerry L. Maher '96; Heather T. Mitton '96: Pamela J. O'Brien '95: Catherine M. Pullins '96: Suzanne M. Roberts '95; Kerri Mackenzie Slade-Jones '95; Sarah Smythe Dow '95; Alexandra Knowles Thompson '95; Holley H. Tyng '97

Head Coach: Edward J. Audett

Jr. Assistant Coach: Katey Stone