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1976 Varsity Football

76' Football
1976 Varsity Football
7-0 Undefeated Season
New England Class "A" Champions

Tabor Academy's 1976 Varsity Football team was a group of young men and coaches which melded character, hard work and brotherhood on and off the field. They were a team of complimentary abilities who fit seamlessly together, propelling them in an exceptional way, to achieve an undefeated season. In their undefeated quest, the team had two shutout performances, one of which the opposition never gained a first down. In four of the last five games of the season, the Tabor defense held their opposition to a single touchdown, while maintaining an average victory margin of 20 points or more a game.

Head Coach Mike Silipo said of this group, "This team had an incredible football IQ. They were always totally focused and never took a play off. Our line was big, quick and agile and they always had each other's back! Simply an extraordinary group of winners!"

Team Roster:

David Anderson Jr. '77; Robert Babcock '78; Michael Berube '77; Phillip Bianco '78; Peter Blake'77; Frank Cosolito '77; Theodore Demers '77; Robert DiPietro '77; Matthew Fee '78; John Fish '78; Charles Freni, Jr. '78; David Grusz '77; Crane Johnstone '77; Michael Kelleher '77; Brian Listro '78; Robert Long '77; Cecil Lopes '77; James Lyons'77; Robert Marsh '77; William McBreen, Jr. "77; Jeffrey Medina '77; Armand Mickune-Santos'77; Charles Moynagh'79; Michael Porter '77; Alexander Rogers III'77, Manager; Michael Ryan '79; Bradford Sargent '77; Mark Sozzi'77; Matthew Stapleton '77; Charles Sydnor'77, Captain; John Tarrant '77; John Thibodeau '79; Andrew Toth '77, Captain; Roger Whittemore III '78; David Winslow '77

Head Coach: Michael Silipo

Assistant Coaches: David Parker, Richard Roller, Paul White