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Challenge Your Creativity

Through collaboration and challenge, our students confidently connect with what interests them, contributing to our well-rounded community. Our vibrant arts department is the perfect place for this type of creative inspiration, allowing Tabor students to enthusiastically pursue what they love and foster a life-long appreciation for the arts.

Whether a student’s talents lean toward the visual arts or performing arts, at the School by the Sea we instill an understanding of the importance of creative expression, artistic process, and personal engagement as part of the learning experience. 

Not only do we teach art, we make art part of life. From performance opportunities and skill-based learning to providing access to professional-level tools and involvement in our marketing endeavors, Tabor students are crucial to the success of our school’s own initiatives. Tabor student work can be found throughout this website; in our brochures and publications, including our bi-annual alumni magazine and our admissions materials; on our social media; our annual winter mood holiday card, and more. Showcasing student work is a top priority.

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Performing Arts

For students interested in the performing arts, Tabor offers a wide variety of courses during the academic day and additional programs during the co-curricular afternoon period. All courses and programs develop individual skills through a collaborative, team-based process. In addition to being creative outlets, Tabor’s performing arts programs—from drama and dance to instrumental and choral music—afford students many leadership opportunities to bring their passions to the whole school community in formal and informal settings.

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teacher and student hanging a 3D mixed media art project on gallery wall
Visual Arts

The visual arts program offers a variety of courses and activities designed to contribute to the visual and aesthetic needs of the students. The primary purpose of the program is to help broaden students' understanding and appreciation of the human element in art. From ceramics and sculpture to painting, photography, and printmaking, you’ll find everything you need to fine tune your fine art.

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