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Studio Art

Unleash Your Inner Creative

Ready to uncover the artist within you? Tabor's fine arts courses are all about tapping into that hidden talent. Get ready for a journey that mixes classical techniques that emphasize drawing and painting while encouraging your imagination, guiding you to explore the wide world of art. We'll start by showing you how to break down the complex world around you into tiny visual pieces, and then we'll dive deep into your own creativity, helping you to express your own experiences and stories through art.

Dive into the Basics

In the intro and intermediate courses, you'll spend a trimester exploring the realms of drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. It's all about getting that artistic mindset while learning the basic tools to make your ideas come alive. We'll jump right into fun stuff like printmaking, paper collage, and charcoal, boosting your creativity and making those art barriers disappear.

teacher and student reviewing a mixed media sculpture
Advanced Art

Reach for the Stars

For our more serious artists, Advanced Topics (AT) Studio Art course is where you want to be. It's a year-long adventure that helps you build a portfolio for college or simply boost your art skills. Think big-scale creations, advanced concepts in the mediums you love, and wrapping up the year with a collection of work centered around a single theme. No matter your level, you'll also get to team up with other departments, hang out with visiting artists, and even hit the road for traditional field trips.

Art supplies scattered across table with students using them

Art, Your Way

Busy schedule? No worries. Our after-school arts program is here for you. It's a space where you can dive into a variety of mediums and techniques. You'll create a body of work and wrap up the season with a whole new artistic outlook. Time to let that creativity shine!