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Studio Art

Student drawing in their sketchbook
Student painting in art studio
Top view of our art studio

Discover your Inner Artist

Fine arts courses at Tabor are designed to encourage and develop the undiscovered artist lurking within. A classically based curriculum emphasizes drawing and painting techniques while encouraging students to explore a wide spectrum of subject matter. Early lessons help students learn how to see, deconstructing a complex three-dimensional world into small bits of visual information. Later courses challenge students’ imagination and creativity with more abstract and symbolic work encouraging students to draw from meaningful events in their lives, and using art as a tool for telling stories and sharing experiences.

Introductory & Intermediate Levels

Introductory and intermediate level courses are trimester-long explorations in the disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. The underlying focus in the introductory level is to help students learn to think like artists while being taught a variety of basic technical tools to express their ideas. Immediate immersion in experimental lessons with printmaking, paper collage, and charcoal help erase apprehension while opening doors into inner creativity.

Advanced Studio Art

Advanced Studio Art is a full-year course designed to help students develop a portfolio that can be used for the college application process or simply for their own advancement as visual artists. At this level of study, students have the opportunity to create large-scale works. Students are encouraged to pursue advanced concepts in mediums of their choosing and finish the year with a cohesive body of work exploring a single theme or subject. All levels of the studio art curriculum provide opportunities to enhance studio experience through inter-departmental collaboration, visiting artist in-house field trips, or traditional field trips.

Co-Curricular Options

An after school arts program runs during the co-curricular seasons of the year for those not able to fit art into their schedule. Loose creative guidance is given in a relaxed, open studio atmosphere where students can explore a wide range of mediums and techniques, concluding the season with a body of work, and a wide range of artistic experiences.

Exhibits & Opportunities

  • Work from all visual arts classes is exhibited at various locations across Tabor’s campus.
  • Each year select student work is chosen for admission in the Boston Globe’s Scholastic Art Award Competition, as well as other local competitions.
  • Art students have the opportunity to submit work to Bowsprit, a student-led organization, publishing fine art pieces along with creative literary work.
  • Students may work with visiting artists to gain unique perspectives on creating works and exploring new techniques while being exposed to the life and work of a professional artist.