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Male student sitting on field holding long lens camera

Mastering the Art of Photography

Ever wondered how to truly see the world through a lens? Our photography courses at Tabor are all about that. Sure, you'll learn how to work that camera, but more importantly, you'll discover the art of capturing moments. Start with the basics, where you get to know the camera and the darkroom. Then, dive into the cool stuff—advanced courses that take your skills up a notch. Trial and error and a little friendly critique are your teaching tools on this journey to becoming an epic photographer.

Shoot Your Shot

Think your photos could light up a room? Well, guess what? Our student pics are scattered all over campus, on this website, and in our school alumni mag, Tabor Today, which is sent to nearly 10,000 people. You'll be leaving your creative mark, big time.

Student with lifevest taking photo from back of a boat

Gear Up

Nikon cameras and different lenses become your tools here. And when it's editing time, we whip out Lightroom for editing and Vidigami for storing our images. They're our trusty sidekicks for making those pics pop and sharing images with our campus clients, including yearbook, athletics, and the SMAC team.

student wearing dive suit looking through digital camera screen

Beyond the Classroom

Want more than class? Our PhotoPool program has your back. It's a unique after-school gig for aspiring photographers. You'll dive into real projects from our Strategic Marketing & Communications (SMAC) team, just like a photo pro. It's not just about snapping pics, it's about nailing deadlines and feeling the pro vibes. Plus, you might even do a Senior Project in photography when you're a senior.

Fun fact: Guess who's responsible for most of the rad photos you see around our place? Yep, our after-school photo crew are the geniuses at hand. Time to snap your way to greatness!