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Design, Technology, and Media Arts

Student drawing on iPad
Student drawing on iPad
Student drawing on iPad

Learn Critical Design Thinking

Digital Arts at Tabor provides the opportunity to learn skills that are not just in demand in the workforce, but which are critical to effective communication and the discernment of the visual world we live in.

More than ever, to capture short attention spans, we communicate with visual messaging through ads, social media, video and more. While teaching mastery of the technical programs as tools, our goal is to teach students to critically interpret the visual world and learn how to decode and to create compelling visuals that communicate clearly and efficiently their content ideas. From artists to makers to historians and scientists, digital arts are important tools to master for life. 

Learn on Professional Quality Equipment:

  • Professional Grade Mac Computers
  • iPad Pro Tablets with Apple Pencils
  • Wacom Pen Tablets
  • Studio Environment
  • Nikon Cameras

Course Offerings:

  • Digital Media Design (Explore storytelling through traditional video and basic animation projects.)
  • Photography & Communication Design (Hone your graphic design and photography skills while creating a presentation portfolio of your work.)

Students will learn digital art programs including Procreate, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

School-Life Connection:

Each year, the student yearbook staff designs and produces the Tabor yearbook from scratch, utilizing student photography and incorporating professional–level challenges in page layout, production, and PDF output. Likewise, Design, Technology, and Media Arts students create our literary magazine, Bowsprit, and all promotional posters for school concerts and shows. These projects and their organization, from concept to finished product, are in our students’ capable hands.

Independent Study:

Students engage in senior projects in the digital arts to combine their interests in journalism and photography, creating blogs or to try their hand at logo design and branding, one student made illustrations of a utopian city using VR, another tried vlogging. It is all there for them to explore!


Once conversant with the tools, the exploration begins. Classes are made up of students of varied interests seeking to improve their academic or artistic work through a new dimension. Students can bring content they create through photography or video to incorporate in their visual designs. Game designers create original visuals through illustration, painters try a new, forgiving medium, academics learn how to expand knowledge through creating charts, using pictures and video to share information, makers design parts to create in the 3D printer to be used in Robotics Lab or just for fun. There is something for everyone in digital arts.

What will you create?