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Design, Technology & Media Arts

Students using spotlights and digital camcorders in front of a lightbox

Unlock the Power of Critical Design Thinking

Ready to dive into the world of Digital Arts at Tabor? Get ready to learn skills that aren't just creative—they're essential for the modern world. In a universe filled with quick-scrolling screens and visual messages, we'll show you how to make your mark through ads, social media, videos, and more. Our mission isn't just to teach you the technical stuff, it's to help you decode the visual world, create kick-butt visuals, and express your ideas like a pro. 

What's on the Menu?

Courses? We've got 'em. Start with Digital Media Design, where you'll explore storytelling through videos and animations. Next up, Photography & Communication Design hones your graphic design and photography skills while building a strong portfolio. And, you'll get to master programs like Procreate, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

Real-Life Connections

Ever thought of creating your school yearbook? Our students do it every year, from scratch. From design and layout to production – the whole package. Plus, our Design, Technology, and Media Arts students craft our literary magazine and promotional posters for concerts and shows. At Tabor, our students really run the show!

Time to Dive Deep

Our seniors take the plunge with independent projects. Maybe you'll explore journalism and photography through blogs, try your hand at logo design, or create a VR utopian cityscape. The digital arts world is your oyster.

Express Yourself

Once you've got the hang of the tools, it's your time to shine. Students from all walks of life join in, adding a fresh dimension to their academic and artistic work. Whether you're a game designer, painter, academic, or maker, digital arts have something for everyone.

So... what will you create?

Two students setting-up a film shoot

Get Your Hands on Pro Gear

We're talking serious gear here. Think top-notch Mac computers, iPad Pro tablets with Apple Pencils, Wacom Pen Tablets, Nikon cameras, and more. Our studio environment is all about giving you the tools the pros use.