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Visual Arts

Craft Your Creativity

Indulge your creative spirit in the captivating world of visual arts at Tabor. Our program isn't just about the strokes of a brush or the lines on a canvas – it's about unlocking a realm of expression that resonates with your unique voice. With a diverse array of courses and activities, our program is made to nurture your artistic passions and fuel your aesthetic needs.

Embrace a palette of possibilities as you delve into our visual arts curriculum, which goes beyond mere techniques. It's a journey of self-discovery and an exploration of the human element in art. From painting to sculpture, digital design to mixed media, our program is your canvas for understanding and appreciating the visual world in all its forms.

Whether you're a budding artist or just looking to tap into your artistic side, Tabor provides the perfect platform to hone your skills and create masterpieces that resonate. Dive into a space where creativity knows no bounds, and let your imagination flourish within the vibrant walls of Tabor's visual arts community. Join us in the artistry of shaping ideas, emotions, and perspectives, all while leaving a profound and lasting impact.

Bright and Spacious Facilities

Art classes take place in the  Braitmayer Art Center. This hub of artistic expression hosts a captivating art gallery in its lobby, showcasing student creations, works by our talented art educators, and exciting exhibitions by visiting artists. Within this inspiring space, you'll also find two expansive studios and a cutting-edge photography lab, as well as a digital media arts lab.

The Ceramics Studio is equipped with fourteen electric potters’ wheels, three indoor electric kilns, two outdoor Raku kilns, a slab roller, pug mill extruder, state of the art glaze lab, a downdraft gas kiln, and even an off-site wood fired kiln. Step into the Fine Arts Studio, your haven for painting, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking. Meanwhile, our photography lab offers a black-and-white developing room and an impressive array of enlargers, coupled with a fully equipped digital lab for those diving into the realm of design, technology, and media arts.

This is where imagination comes to life, and your artistic journey finds its perfect canvas.