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Visual Arts

Handmade vases sitting on the window sill
Pottery displayed on the wall of Tabor's Art Center
Art supplies scattered across table with students using them
Storage bins for art supplies on shelves in Tabor's Art Center

Develop Your Creativity

The visual arts program offers a variety of courses and activities designed to contribute to the visual and aesthetic needs of the students. The primary purpose of the program is to help broaden students' understanding and appreciation of the human element in art. 

Bright and Spacious Facilities

Art classes take place in the  Braitmayer Art Center. The lobby of the building serves as an art gallery featuring an exhibition of work by students, a Tabor art teacher, or a visiting artist. The building houses two studios and a photography lab. The Ceramics Studio is equipped with fourteen electric potters’ wheels, three indoor electric kilns, two outdoor Raku kilns, a slab roller, pug mill extruder, state of the art glaze lab, a downdraft gas kiln, and even an off-site wood fired kiln. The Fine Arts Studio has areas for painting, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking. The photography lab contains a developing room with black-and-white developing capabilities, and seven enlargers.