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Instrumental Music

Student playing piano
Student playing violin
Student playing violin
Student playing violin
Student playing guitar

Musicians Wanted!

Tabor instrumentalists fill out a variety of ensembles and are provided the opportunity to form chamber groups as well. They perform in different venues across campus as well as in honors ensembles at the Southeastern District, Massachusetts All-State and All-Eastern Music Festivals. Our instrumentalists have performed with The Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras and the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. A great percentage of the players take lessons with the thirteen private music instructors who are on campus throughout the week. Students are heard performing in chapel, at All-School Meetings, in the various recitals around campus, and often during our regular Open Mic Nights. Tabor is proud of its instrumental program and provides unlimited opportunity for just about any level student to study, practice, and enjoy the art of music.

Instrumental Ensembles

Private Music Instruction

Lessons are offered on all woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments as well as voice, piano, and guitar. Students are scheduled for lessons once a week and they have ample opportunities to perform throughout the school year. 


A comprehensive theory and musicianship class, Basic Musicianship, is open to any student who is serious about improving as a musician. Advanced Musicianship is open to any student who has taken Basic Musicianship or has the consent of the instructor. We also offer Digital Music Studio, a popular trimester course.

Instrumental Performance Venues

Whether it is the full String Ensemble playing a movement or a solo pianist playing a piece, our Chapel program and All-School Meeting provide an array of opportunities for musical performance at Tabor that enrich our community experience. Additionally, there are formal concerts featuring each ensemble staged in the Fireman Performing Arts Center each winter and spring performing a combination of seasonal arrangements mixed with challenging repertoire that delights the audience and stretches the abilities of the musicians.

Applied Music Recitals are scheduled three times each year as a culmination of the co-curricular afternoon program. Participating instrumentalists and vocalists perform solo pieces they have been working on with their instructors all season. Some of our most musical moments have been at these recitals. 

Tabor Academy is in the initial stages of becoming an All-Steinway School. This is an important initiative and one that speaks volumes to the dedication and passion that are embodied by the performing arts at Tabor. Tabor's commitment to this program represents the ambition to become among the top schools in the world with respect to performance, teaching and practice pianos. It is yet another way Tabor excellence can be seen, and heard, by our greater constituency.