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Arts Requirement

Devise a Program

Tabor’s graduation requirement in the fine and performing arts may be fulfilled through a combination of courses during the academic day, certain afternoon/co-curricular programs, and certain extracurricular activities. One Arts unit corresponds to one trimester of arts-related activity or class. Arts credits do not transfer from other institutions; however, the number of trimesters of required arts is prorated for students who enter Tabor after the 9th grade.  

The total number of Art Units required for graduation is as follows:
  • For students who enter in 9th grade: 6 trimesters/units
  • For students who enter in 10th grade: 4 trimesters/units
  • For students who enter in 11th grade: 2 trimesters/units
Students (with the help of advisors) can devise a program that best suits their needs according to their interests, selecting from the wide range of offerings as described below. All courses offered in the Visual Arts, Music and Theater Arts departments earn one arts unit per trimester.

Other courses which accrue arts units (1 per trimester):
  • Creative writing (English Department)
  • Theoretical Ship & Boat Design (Nautical Science)
  • Ship and Lines Drawing (Nautical Science)

Trimester co-curricular opportunities to earn arts units include satisfactory participation in the following: (*)
Ceramics Alternative
Studio Art Alternative
Dance Alternative
Applied Music
Fall Drama
Ceramics Alternative
Studio Art Alternative
Dance Alternative
Applied Music
Winter Musical
Winter Drama
Ceramics Alternative
Studio Art Alternative
Competitive Dance
Applied Music
Spring One-Acts
Full year, extra-curricular opportunities to earn the equivalent of a trimester’s art’s unit include: (*)
  • The Log editorial staff (student newspaper)
  • Bowsprit editorial staff (student literary magazine)
  • Fore ‘n’ Aft editorial staff (yearbook)
  • Private music lessons participation
  • Tabor Tones or Nightingales participation (a cappella ensembles)
  • Jazz Band
* Arts units awarded are determined by the instructors based on the students’ level of participation.
    • Student painting in Braitmayer Art Center
    • Tabor string ensemble player
    • A student oversees the lighting booth at Tabor


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