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Student throwing at the wheel in Tabor's ceramic class

We Need Your Creative Voice: Jump into the Arts

Think creatively. Express yourself fully. Develop confidence in your ideas. At Tabor, you will expand your artistic abilities and expression through opportunities in creative writing, journalism, theater arts, dance, music, visual arts and more. With an emphasis on problem solving and fluency in understanding of art as communication, an experience with the arts is important for every student's development of critical thinking.

Our Mission through the Arts is:

  • The inspire a life-long appreciation for – and love of – the arts
  • To instill an understanding of the importance of creativity in the development of the mind
  • To encourage an eagerness to approach the artistic process with personal engagement, emotional commitment, and discipline
  • To foster the understanding that art is an essentially human endeavor, and is meant to be shared as a community-building tool

Experience Tabor's Talents

  • 6 drama productions per year
  • 49 regional and national competitive dance awards since 2010
  • 13 private music instructors
  • 34 courses in the arts
  • 10 co-curricular offerings
  • Photography students provide a majority of marketing photography
  • 100% of students can access Adobe Creative Suite
  • 100% posters and programs for school performances designed by students
  • Yearbook, Newspaper and Literary magazine wholly designed and managed by students

Theater Arts

Whether staging published plays, writing original scripts, directing, performing or working hard behind-the-scenes on sets, costumes, and lighting design, Tabors students literally run the show in our theater program.


Both novice and experienced dancers take center stage in Tabor’s renowned dance program, which instructs students in all dance forms, from ballet to hip hop. Our competitive dance team has won over 49 awards for their unique performances. 


From choral ensembles to chamber groups, from music festivals to open mic nights, the Tabor music program gives every vocal and instrumental student the opportunity to shine. We not only perform great music, but we learn music theory and how to compose original scores digitally. 

Visual Arts

Whether their passion takes them to photography, wheel working, sculpting, digital arts or studio art, all student artists are taught critical language, looking and thinking skills. Throughout the curriculum, in all disciplines, students develop their creative voice making connections between the arts, academics, and culture.


As students work collaboratively to produce music, dance, drama, publishing or video, they learn the rewards of communication, coordination, and leadership skills. Pushing together toward the limits of their time and talents, they practice responsibility, empathy, patience, and care for others.

We Support the Arts

We enjoy celebrating the talents of others. Whether attending a dance recital, a play, or a gallery opening, our students’ drive, courage, and talent motivates us and dares us to go further. Join us at a campus event and see for yourself!

Meet Mia

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Arts Facilities

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Fall Dance Showcase Highlights

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