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Reunion Committees

Volunteering for Reunion

Reunions at Tabor Academy have a long history of reconnecting classmates with our School by the Sea and rekindling many lifelong friendships. To commemorate this milestone, many alumni choose to make a special gift to Tabor during their reunion year. The increased participation and elevated giving levels during a reunion year lead to levels of support for Tabor that persist throughout the reunion and several years to come. Members of the Reunion Committee play a vital role in engaging classmates and furthering efforts on behalf of Tabor that support the Fund for Tabor’s four essential priorities: Inspiring Teaching and Learning, Access to Education, Beyond the Classroom, and the School by the Sea.

Reunion Committee Members are asked to:

  • Attend Reunion Weekend and Tabor events throughout the year and encourage others to attend, schedule permitting
  • Attend the Fall Retreat at Tabor hosted by the Advancement Office
  • Contribute to Tabor at a level that sets an example of personal commitment
  • Help to identify classmates to come back for Reunion Weekend and those who have the ability and inclination to make a special contribution to Tabor in honor of their reunion
  • Utilize Tabor’s online volunteer database to select classmates to solicit for a gift and to communicate with regarding reunion events, participation, and dollar goals/results.
  • Contact classmates to attend events
  • Participate in conferences calls, schedule permitting
  • If interested, an opportunity to continue to stay involved after reunion with post-reunion efforts 

Jump Onboard!

If you would like to volunteer with the reunion efforts as a reunion committee member and learn more about the role, email or contact Andrew McCain '84, Director of Alumni Relations.


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