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Forecasters Series

The Alumni Council and the Alumni Relations Office are proud to commence the inaugural season of the Forecasters Series.

The Forecasters Series showcases alumni leaders in their industries and asks them to "forecast" the next 18 months in their respective areas of expertise. This collection of leaders is sure to help you understand the changes in their fields and explain how these changes may alter your daily lives. Whether your interest is professional or personal, these one-hour presentations are sure to enlighten, and help all of us navigate the future.
Registration for each Forecasters episode will open 3-4 weeks prior to the event. Advance registration is required to receive Zoom details.
Questions? Contact Becky Love at or 508.291.8572

Your Forecasters Are:

List of 3 news stories.

  • Joby Branion '81

    December 16 • 7:00 PM

    Future of Professional Sports
    Season 1: Episode 3


    Joby Branion ’81, Founder & CEO, Vanguard Sports Group, is one of the foremost sports agents in America. He has a front-row seat to the lives of professional athletes and the inner workings of the leagues in which they compete. Joby will share his thoughts on the future of professional sports, particularly the NFL, NBA, and MLB, and explain how the coronavirus pandemic will impact athletes as well as the casual and everyday fan.
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  • Patrick Collins '03

    February 17 • 7:00 PM

    Future of Cryptocurrency
    Season 1: Episode 5
    You’d be hard-pressed to think of something more speculative, and therefore more in need of an informed Forecaster, than the future of cryptocurrencies. Patrick Collins ‘03 is a leader in the field, having set up cryptocurrency teams at major banking institutions and hedge funds. Learn what he has to say about how opportunities in this area are impacting worldwide finance.
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  • January 13 • 7:00 PM

    Future of International Relations
    Season 1: Episode 4

    Jaqueline Shire ’84 and Matthew Reynolds ’82 have both had distinguished careers at the State Department and the United Nations and in think tanks and academia. Their portfolios range from international aid in the Middle East to counter-terrorism to international diplomacy to nuclear non-proliferation, to name a few. With the election behind us, Jackie and Matt, two uniquely well-informed insiders, will highlight the future of American foreign policy.  
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Past Episodes

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  • November 11

    Future of Higher Education Panel
    Season 1: Episode 2

    Future of Higher Education Panel
    A distinguished panel of alumni discussed how COVID-19 has impacted three critical areas of higher education: student wellness, athletic recruiting, and college admissions. In addition, Mark Peluso ’84, Middlebury College physician, Holley Tyng ’97, Colby College hockey coach, and Ariel Leitao ’08, MIT admissions officer,  highlighted how the current crisis may create a very different educational experience than the existing status quo.
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  • AJ Troiano, PhD

    October 21

    Future of COVID-19
    Season 1: Episode 1

    Drawing upon his diverse laboratory experience as well as his work on the front lines of the Ebola pandemic in 2015-16, Dr. AJ Troiano '06 offered his insider perspective on the future of COVID-19, vaccine production, epidemiology, and how emerging infectious diseases are reshaping the world in which we live.
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