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Engage with Tabor


    • A group of loyal Tabor volunteers

Become a Volunteer for Tabor!

The Alumni Volunteer Program consists of Class Chairs and Class Agents from each class working to reconnect with classmates, to share news and important updates, to plan events and encourage attendance, and to promote participation at any level of support for the Fund for Tabor.
If you would like to learn more about the Alumni Volunteer Program, your upcoming Reunion, or supporting the Fund for Tabor, please contact us at or call 508.291.8500.

Alumni Volunteer List

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    Ms. Jaquelyn M. Scharnick '02
    Mr. Lou Cotti '03
    Mr. Michael Zollo '07
    Mr. Evan Lehrer '08
    Mr. Phil Greenwood '08
    Ms. Kristen M. Nuttall '12
    Ms. Allison Griffin '13
    Mr. Timothy H. Dyer RIA '67
    Mr. Kenneth H. Foster '67
    Mr. Paul L. Johnson '67
    Mr. Peter E. Tenney '67
    Mr. James M. Theis '67
    Mr. G. Wiley Wakeman '68
    Mr. James R. Holmes '72
    David Stevens '73
    Richard Welch '77
    Chris Perry '78
    Mr. Peter T. Bidstrup '82
    Mr. William W. Saltonstall '82
    Mr. Charles K. West III '82
    Mr. Frank M. Gring Jr. '83
    Mrs. Elizabeth Welsh Eyler '87
    Mr. Sumner J. Waring III '87
    Mrs. Diana Cochran Knightly '88
    Kara-ann Decas '92
    Ms. Lindsay Murphy '92
    Mr. Kurt J. Mogilnicki '93
    Mrs. Alison Howard Van Keuren '93
    Mrs. Melissa Press De La Vega '97
    Ms. Elizabeth S. Hurley '97
    Mr. Brian M. Montgomery '97
    Mrs. Cristin Sager Gillespie '98


Admissions Office: 226 Front Street, Marion MA 02738 | Mail: 66 Spring Street, Marion MA 02738 | 508.748.2000 |