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Alumni Recognition

Tabor Academy's Circle of Excellence

In 2019, Tabor Academy established the Circle of Excellence, an award formed in the tradition of the school’s past Distinguished Service and Lifetime Achievement Awards, which celebrated members of our school community for their contributions and service to Tabor and the world. The Circle of Excellence recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves through professional, academic, artistic, and personal achievements, as well as leadership, service, and philanthropic impact. This unique recognition honors those who personify Tabor’s mission through their life-long love of learning, passion for high achievement, committed citizenship, personal responsibility, and care for others.

We were pleased to honor this year's 2 Circle of Excellence Awardees on April 30, 2022. Please click here to see photos from the event.

Honoring the Awardees of 2022

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  • Robin Dripps ’60

    Robin Dripps is the T. David Fitz-Gibbon Professor of Architecture at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, where she continues to challenge and inspire students through her exemplary teaching. Robin has been selected for her devotion to the profession of architecture through her talent, vision, and commitment to design and education. Tabor is honored to recognize her distinguished career as a professor, author, land-speed racer, and architect.
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  • Archer M. Macy Jr. ’71

    Retired US Navy Rear Admiral Archer M. Macy Jr. is a distinguished veteran who served the nation as a surface warfare officer, combat systems engineer, and acquisition professional. Archer has been selected for his exceptional military service and distinguished work in safeguarding the security of our nation. Tabor is honored to recognize his professional achievement and military leadership advancing national security objectives and America's diplomacy.
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  • Dede Nickerson ’86

    Dede Nickerson is a successful media strategist and creative producer, with an emphasis on Asia. She also advises the NBA on government relations and strategy. In addition to her media and government relations career, Dede is an Asia Specialist, devoting significant time to addressing education and health care issues in China. Dede has been selected for her pioneering work in China’s film industry. Tabor is honored to recognize her groundbreaking work in the entertainment industry as well as her commitment to advancing Tabor’s international student community. 
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  • Craig Robinson ’91

    Craig Robinson is the CEO of College Possible, a national nonprofit committed to closing the degree divide and making college possible for students from low-income backgrounds through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. Craig has been selected for his intrepid leadership in ensuring that all students, regardless of their socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, are afforded the transformational experience of a quality education. Tabor is honored to recognize his life-long commitment to social responsibility and fostering care for others.
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The Call for Nominations is Open

A candidate must have distinguished themselves through their outstanding contributions in one or more area of society, including but not limited to: professional, academic, artistic, social, or personal achievements. Above all, the nominee shall serve as a role model for current and future students of Tabor Academy.

Honoring the Awardees of 2019

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  • Elizabeth Taber*

    Mrs. Taber was Tabor Academy’s visionary founder and first philanthropist. We honor her passion and generosity.
  • Walter Lillard*

    Mr. Lillard was the fifth Tabor Headmaster, whose leadership and vision embraced the school’s proximity to the sea by adopting the motto, All-A-Taut-O, moving the campus to its waterfront location, and transforming Tabor’s athletic and academic programs. We honor his vision and values.
  • William Phelps '74

    Mr. Phelps is co-founder of Wetzel’s Pretzels, Blaze Pizza, and Dave’s Hot Chicken. A successful entrepreneur whose innovative approach has led him to turn new businesses into profitable franchise networks. A former trustee, Bill’s energy and vision were critical to Tabor’s transformational growth. We honor his passion for excellence and ingenuity. 
  • Jacqueline Shire '84

    Ms. Shire works for the U. N. Security Council in a role involving preventing the financing of terrorism. Throughout her career, Jacqueline has sought to promote diplomatic solutions to problems, while maintaining and strengthening international peace and security. We honor her commitment to fostering world peace.
  • Jonathan Callaghan '87

    Mr. Callaghan is a co-founder of True Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm that has partnered with leading companies like Fitbit, Peloton, Blue Bottle Coffee, Sweetgreen, Ring, and Goodreads. Jon is driven by his deep belief that the power of human creativity is necessary to improve our world. We honor his pursuit of innovation. 
  • Amy Richards '88

    Ms. Richards is an author, producer, and organizer on issues of gender, racial, economic, and social justice. Amy is a leading voice for feminist issues and an advocate for women as she shapes policies, practices, and conversation around women’s rights. We honor her devotion to human rights, equality, and inclusion.

Additional Awards

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  • Distinguished Service Award Recipients

    NameAward Year
    R. William Blasdale '612001
    John W. Braitmayer '481993
    Keith N. Browning '792013
    David J. Cheney '671997
    G. Bruce Cobbold2014
    G. Richard Duffy '562006
    Paul B. Fireman '621992
    John F. Fish '782008
    Dennis S. Hager '562006
    William E. Hitchcock Jr. '29*1994
    William T. Hurley III '572007
    Charles C. Ives '532003
    Robert B. Jones '552000
    M. Vance Munro '56*1996
    Lee Pokoik '631998
    Joan & Rich Roller2016
    Nicholas Sarris '49*1999
    Philip C. Simmons '54*2004
    Phillips G. Smith '652015
    Jonathan F. Swain '52*2002
    John F. Swope '562011
    John L. Taber '652005
    Tudor H. Tiedemann Jr. '45*1995

  • Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

    NameAward Year
    Philip E. Benton Jr. '46*1995
    John C. Decas '531993
    Paul B. Fireman '622007
    Albert Fried Jr. '482013
    George Graboys '50*2005
    Thomas B. Graboys '62*1992
    Joseph S. Heyman '612001
    Douglas T. Hsu '611996
    Shosuke Idemitsu '521997
    Karl D. Jackson '602010
    Thomas E. Karam Jr. '541994
    James R. Leo '52*2002
    Roderic B. Park '49*1999
    Jay S. Stroud2013
    John F. Swope '562006
    Tudor H. Tiedemann Jr. '45*2003
    Kevin H. White '48*1998



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